Your New Bra – Support the Right Size

Written by Robb Ksiazek

Eighty percent of women are rumored to be wearingrepparttar wrong bra size. That’s eight out of ten! They are facing discomfort and back pain that are unnecessary. Whether you are wearing your bras for supportive comfort, sex appeal, or nursing, it needs to fit right for it to function properly.

There are what seems like hundreds of companies that manufacture and sell bras, and there are just about as many sizing discrepancies. Bras are just like any other clothing item. Each company’s sizes are slightly different. The right size bra is more important than other apparel items, due torepparttar 150489 nature ofrepparttar 150490 product.

Getting properly sized for your bra can be accomplished in a couple ways. Lingerie stores will size your bra on your next trip to their store. Unfortunately, many women feel uncomfortable having a stranger size them.

Many women are now turning to internet lingerie stores for their shopping. Online intimate apparel companies embracerepparttar 150491 web because it creates a unique format for their customers. Women like to shop online for bras, panties, and stockings. It is discrete and convenient.

Shopping online does create a problem with sizing. Since you are not enteringrepparttar 150492 store to be sized, you have to take it upon yourself to getrepparttar 150493 right measurements. There is a simple equation for finding your proper bra size. Even though many companies will vary in size, it is stillrepparttar 150494 best option. The steps are easy:

  • Find a tailor’s tape forrepparttar 150495 measurement.
  • Measure aroundrepparttar 150496 ribcage, just underrepparttar 150497 breasts. This isrepparttar 150498 number portion ofrepparttar 150499 size. For example, it isrepparttar 150500 “34” inrepparttar 150501 size “34C.”
  • Measure aroundrepparttar 150502 breasts atrepparttar 150503 fullest part. Leave about half inch slack for comfort.
  • Add five inches torepparttar 150504 second number.
  • Subtract first number fromrepparttar 150505 second measurement number.

How to get the best spray tan for your wedding, prom or other important occasion.

Written by Boshena Warzecha

Some occasions demand for you to look your absolute best, and nothing short of perfection should satisfy you. What "would do" at other times is just not good enough at those moments.

That is why if you are getting married, going to a prom or have other, very important function,repparttar expectation on your spray tan to turn out great will also be very high.

There are few steps that you need to take to make sure that a bad spray tan will not spoil your day:

1. If you've never had a spray tan before, make sure that you have a trial few weeks beforerepparttar 150400 occasion. You do not know how your skin will react torepparttar 150401 solution. Although chances of going orange are very remote, how would you feel if it happen onrepparttar 150402 day of your wedding or prom? Scary!

2. Stay away fromrepparttar 150403 dark tan. Getrepparttar 150404 lightest shade possible. You wantrepparttar 150405 focus to be on you and that special dress. The tan should be invisible, adding just a "glow".

3. If you are wearing white, or very light coloured dress, find a salon where they have very little or no bronzer inrepparttar 150406 solution. In a lot of peoplerepparttar 150407 bronzer will get intorepparttar 150408 pores and when they sweat, it will stainrepparttar 150409 dress, sometimes permanently.

4. Take extra care in your preparation beforerepparttar 150410 tan. Exfoliate very well withrepparttar 150411 proper products, and apply barrier cream all over your hands and feet before spray tanning.

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