Your Mind is a Battlefield

Written by Daniel N Brown

Copyright 2005 Daniel N Brown

Every person should enjoy life in abundance and prosperity, but unfortunately, too many of God's people are living way below their potential. So many have health issues, broken relationships, and/or no money in their bank account.

Most ofrepparttar these types of problems arerepparttar 142871 result of what is going on inrepparttar 142872 minds of those who experience them.

In everyone's mind there are always at least three voices being heard, God's,repparttar 142873 devil's, and your own flesh. Which voice you obey is based on your ability to discern (which is next week's topic).

For now, you must understand that your mind is a battlefield. It's where your decisions are made based on who's direction you are following. Who's direction you follow will ultimately determine where you end up.

In many self-help books, they say to always begin withrepparttar 142874 end in mind. That is, to have a mental picture ofrepparttar 142875 way you would like for things to be. Now, I'm sure you have an idea of what you would like for your life to be, but how focused are you?

How To Stop Computers Stressing You Out

Written by Trevor Dumbleton

Copyright 2005 Trevor Dumbleton

Of allrepparttar forms of stress in today's world, computer stress isrepparttar 142832 one that is onrepparttar 142833 riserepparttar 142834 fastest. Computers are wonderful machines, but they can also stress out workers by their sometimes confusing demands, their constant presence and their simple inability to work properly. Thus, computer stress must be understood and it must find an outlet or computer users will find themselves even more stressed out than they already are.

The first thing to remember about computers is that they are machines. They do not have feelings, they do not respond to emotional appeals, they only do what they are told to do; nothing more and nothing less. Thus, you need to remember that just about anything that your computer does is probably something you told it to do. Sure, you may not have wanted to tell it to do something, but you toldrepparttar 142835 computer to do it and that's all it knows. You can save yourself a lot of computer stress by keeping this in mind.

The next thing you need to know in order to avoid computer stress is that computers are machines and, therefore, they will break down. That means that you need to keep backup copies of everything important. If you absolutely need a file, keep a copy on a floppy disk or on a CD. Hard drives are well known to just give out after a while (the average lifetime is about 4-5 years) and therefore you need to keep backups of everything you want to keep. If it's important enough that you want a copy, it's important enough to keep a backup copy. The sooner you remember to keep your computer's failing in mind,repparttar 142836 more stress free you will be.

Third, you need to protect your computer. Onrepparttar 142837 most basic level, that means a surge protector. A power surge can quickly fryrepparttar 142838 delicate insides of a computer and suddenly realizing that you need a new computer is just aboutrepparttar 142839 worst computer stress of all.

As well, you need to protect your computer from outside interference. If your computer is hooked up torepparttar 142840 Internet, protect it with a network firewall and anti-virus software. There are plenty of malicious hackers out there and they tend to enjoy watching people panic about their computers suddenly dying. These hackers write viruses and worms that can infect your machine and delete important files or send out malicious emails all on their own. You do not want to have your computer taken over like this. Save yourself from this sort of computer stress by keeping your system and your files secure from outside attackers.

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