Your Life - Your Values

Written by Myrtis Smith

Everyone has things in their life they value. Some people value family and community, others value wealth and having fun. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to values, they just are. Regardless of what you value, all values adhere to one fundamental truth:repparttar more you align your life’s activities to your values,repparttar 123895 happier you will be.

Consider Sue, a successful real estate agent and mother of 2 pre-teen boys. One of Sue’s stated goals was to become repparttar 123896 top real estate agent in her region. While she was making good progress towards achieving that goal she still was unhappy; something was missing. Sue began working with a coach to focus on her personal development. What she discovered was one of her top values was family, not career as she had been assuming. Her conflict quickly became obvious: her children were home inrepparttar 123897 evenings and onrepparttar 123898 weekend - peak hours for real estate agents are evenings and weekends. Sue realized she had some choices to make.

Are You Suffering From.... Paralysis Of Analysis?

Written by Livvie Matthews

Symptom: You want to be a writer, you've written several articles, but just n-o-t- quiterepparttar way you want them. It needs a little more....

Symptom: You want to start a web site, you have finished designingrepparttar 123894 layout, but just n-o-t quite ready to publish. You need to check on......

Symptom: You have decided on starting your own business, you have everything in place, but just n-o-t quite ready to "open". There's one more.....

Diagnosis: ......Paralysis Of Analysis!

I know from personal experience just how this feels. I have had so many ideas, good ideas, but just when it came down torepparttar 123895 final step....I needed to "add this" or "change that", or "just tweak it a little more".

I "tweaked" it until I tweaked it out! It was never quite right. The result was, it never got completed.

A perfect example is I could have been onrepparttar 123896 Internet five years ago, even three years ago, but I managed to "analyze" myself right out of it.

Until I "published" my web site, and started Ezine, I had only completed three things in my life.... Sandra, Susan, and Stacey...... my three daughters!

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