Your Home Business...Choose It Carefully And Then Really Work It!

Written by Kirk Bannerman

I've had many active and enthusiastic business team members that were their own worst enemies because they exhibitedrepparttar classic "flea on a griddle" behavior pattern and jumped around chasing one business opportunity today, and then another one tomorrow without ever putting in enough sustained and focused effort to reasonably give themselves a chance to succeed at any of them.

I can really relate to this situation since I briefly fell prey to this same "dog in a meat market" syndrome when I first started my own home based business a few years ago. I caught myself trying to chase several different opportunities at once and not being very successful with any of them.

There are so many home business opportunities (some real, some not) that it takes real personal discipline to avoidrepparttar 117097 scattergun know, throw enough againstrepparttar 117098 wall and something is bound to stick. Inrepparttar 117099 early going, it is really important to resist this temptation and to stay tightly focused on a single business.

Some will argue that "I don't want to have all my eggs in one basket". To those people I say, diversification is fine, but only after you have achieved solid success with your initial business. A premature attempt at diversification will quite likely cause a loss of focus and actually slow down your success rate.

19 Ultimate Success Tips for your Online Business

Written by Michel Richer

1. Your first ultimate start must include written goals and plans.

2.Don't wait for everything to be exactly right to start...THERE WILL NEVER BE A "PERFECT" TIME! Start now, with whatever you have. The things you need will come to you as you work toward your goal.

3.Treat your business as a serious, full-time business, and it will become one.

4. Think of your first six months primarily as a training period. Don't expect large earnings until after you've educated yourself.

5. Be patient. You'll workrepparttar hardest your first six months or so and get compensatedrepparttar 117096 least. Big incomes never happen overnight. They only come after you've properly shown your affiliates how to duplicate your efforts.

6. Formulate a plan of weekly activity and be persistent in following it—if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Sticking to your plan is essential for success.

7.Always be ENTHUSIASTIC!!

8. Don't give yourself unrealistic expectations.

9.FOCUS! You cannot become successful in anything when you're trying to do too many things at once.

10.Don't quit. The only way to fail is if you give up.

11. Think BIG! Small desire produces small results, just as small fires produce little heat.

12. Don't complain to your upline leaders. Realize that what you accomplish is mainly in your hands, no one else's. Also realize that, when you see a problem, 95% ofrepparttar 117097 time there are factors you are unaware of. Don't jump to conclusions. When you have a problem, present it in a concise letter as positive, constructive criticism. Offer solutions if possible, too. Not only will this approach get you better results, but you'll be building your relationship with your upline instead of tearing it down.

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