Your Hard Drive is Going to Explode – Why a UPS is Essential

Written by Kevin Souter

It’s most peoples worst computing nightmare. You wake up inrepparttar morning, flip onrepparttar 141525 computer, and it doesn’t boot. Sometimesrepparttar 141526 problem rears its ugly head as a horrific clacking noise. Other times it simply gives a read error.

At this point, most people panic. The first thing you wonder is whether or notrepparttar 141527 data is recoverable. There is no universal answer to this. In some cases, a simple scan with some data recovery software is all that it takes to retrieverepparttar 141528 contents ofrepparttar 141529 drive. In other cases, if you want it badly enough, it will take thousands of dollars and a shipment ofrepparttar 141530 drive to a clean lab where they will pullrepparttar 141531 platters inside ofrepparttar 141532 drive and access them that way.

Now you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to prevent this from happening. Well, you’re in luck. Getting a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) isrepparttar 141533 very best and most effective way to prevent your data from pulling a disappearing act.

While it is not fool-proof, having something that regulatesrepparttar 141534 electricity flowing into your computer can reducerepparttar 141535 risk of a drive failure by up to 70%. This figure goes up to around 90% ifrepparttar 141536 computer is being used while in an electrical storm. (My computer repair business always gets a little boost after a thunderstorm, courtesy ofrepparttar 141537 lightning wreaking havoc on people’s hard drives.)

Bill Gates and Internet Explorer 7

Written by Jeff Wyrick

Bill Gates and Internet Explorer 7

Bill Gates atrepparttar RSA 2005 Keynote announced that this summer we would see a beta version of a new completely rewritten Internet Explorer. What made Bill andrepparttar 141505 whole Microsoft family to decide to build a new version of IE before Longhorn? What features and security improvements are we going to see you may ask. Below I outline some ofrepparttar 141506 new things I know of today that will be available in IE7.

Does Microsoft have a vision of havingrepparttar 141507 world’s most popular browser still? Yes and so that’s why we are seeing a new version even before Longhorn is to be released. This new version will be on top of Firefox 1.0 and will be better then Firefox ifrepparttar 141508 Mozilla Foundation does not stay ahead of features and what not

So what kind of new features are we seeing in this new version of Internet Explorer? • Full CSS2 Support • Tabbed Browsing • Anti-Fishing Technologies • Full PNG24 Support including Alpha Transparency • Improved security on top of Windows XP SP2 Security Improvements

Bill said we are not releasing IE7 until Longhorn comes out

Yep he did say that but when you look at IE’s market share Bill said “Oh My IE is dropping more then I thought”. Atrepparttar 141509 RSA 2005 Keynote Bill thought he would change his policy on Internet Explorer because like we all know IE6 is old, buggy, US Government even said not to use IE and allrepparttar 141510 complaining onrepparttar 141511 IE Team blog made Bill under pressure so that’s most likely why Bill said “We are changing our plans for IE7”.

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