Your Glass Is Half Full!

Written by Liz Wertman

When most people are confronted with a change in their lives that they didn't want, such as death or divorce, negative feelings start setting in. These people start looking at everything in their lives with a "glass half empty" attitude. Are you doing that? Are you looking at every aspect in your life with a critical eye? Are you finding that you are dissatisfied with everything in your life? Are you wondering why you don't have more? Do you look around you and only see everything you don't have?

We all want more. We want more for us, more for our children. We seerepparttar best onrepparttar 101980 rich and famous and we want that for ourselves. Realistically we all know that it isn't possible. Yet we are still hoping, buying lottery tickets byrepparttar 101981 millions. Some how we equate money with happiness. When we see those rich and famous people with their big white smiles.... they sure do look happy!

Of coarse money can't hurt! We should always try to improve ourselves, our lives in every way, personally and monetarily. But these things don't happen overnight, it takes time to build and rebuild. Inrepparttar 101982 meantime you must be happy with your liferepparttar 101983 way it is now. You must look at your life and say, "If this is all there is, I am happy, I am content."

By always looking at what you don't have, you are living a dissatisfied life. You can continue to live your life this way but you won't have a happy or content life. You will always be saying, " When I get this I'll be happy." Most people with this attitude are still unhappy when they get what they want. They are still dissatisfied. This current achievement doesn’t mean anything to them anymore. They have already seen something else they want and they are striving for that.

Track Your Achievements to Ensure Your Success

Written by Josh Hinds

I don't feel like I am making fast enough progress - I think this is a far more common feeling than most realize. It tends to stem from our being so 'forward thinking' with regards to our own goals. Please don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong at all with having long- term goals, as long as we takerepparttar time to acknowledge our achievements alongrepparttar 101979 way...

I used to be absolutely notorious for "not feeling like I was making ample progress on my own goals". I would always find myself asking, "Why I am not where I want to be yet?" Then a friend of mine made me realize that I was in fact making a plenty of progress. It was just that I was biased by my future goals torepparttar 101980 point that I wasn't takingrepparttar 101981 time to give myself proper credit for what I'd already achieved.

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