Your First Step To Success In Every Area of Life!

Written by Jason Oman -

If you want to be more successful in any area of your life, there is one single step you MUST take before anything else. Nothing can affect any kind of positive change until and unless this step is taken first.

Recently I came acrossrepparttar best written example I've ever seen that emphasizesrepparttar 144793 importance of this crucial concept. I don't know who originally wrote it, but I found it in a great book called 'The PowerMind System'.

It's a poem called, "It's Your Fault":


If you hate your job and you DECIDE to stay there, it's your fault.

If someone offers you a better job, but it requires you to move to another city, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE to save no money during your working lifetime, winding up broke and embarrassed at age 65, dependent on charities for survival, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE not to study or read in your chosen field and find yourself never rising above mere mediocrity, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE to spend more money than you make, running yourself into debt by satisfying one capricious whim after another, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE to waste all your time on meaningless activities, neglecting allrepparttar 144794 important things you could do with your life, it's your fault.

If you DECIDE never to read a self-help book and then suffer dramatically because you are ignorant of success principles, it's your fault.

Learn Faster, Change is Coming

Written by Daniel Sitter

Copyright 2005 Daniel Sitter

Challenges posed by recent economic and market shifts, though predicted for some time, have instigated chaos inrepparttar lives of many business professionals and factory workers alike, not to mention just about everyone else who is paying attention. Instead of embracing change and allowing it to fuel creativity and activity, many people allowrepparttar 144693 very thought of it to cripple them through fear, indecision and inactivity.

Instant world-wide communications have allowed evenrepparttar 144694 smallest changes andrepparttar 144695 biggest ideas to spread immediately across continents. A new piece of information, transmitted torepparttar 144696 world in an instant, can forever change a market, a medical approach, relationships, jobs, products, services orrepparttar 144697 very need for a product or service. Entire factories and manufacturing processes can be rendered obsolete overnight. Many have been caught off-guard and are not prepared for this escalation and frequency of change.

Many people are entering or re-enteringrepparttar 144698 workforce ill-equipped and under-skilled forrepparttar 144699 constantly evolving career positions becoming available in our modern economy. Time is at a premium. How does one solverepparttar 144700 dilemma of needing to read and study a variety of materials to enable one to be a contributing and valuable employee, while finding little free time to prepare for such a career shift? There is an urgent need to acceleraterepparttar 144701 learning of new skill-sets, but how does one accomplish this feat?

What if anyone could learn new material faster than they have ever dreamed possible? What if people could digest change easier and more quickly? Could that have an impact on careers and earnings? Could learning berepparttar 144702 solution torepparttar 144703 fear of change? If so, then,repparttar 144704 ability to learn faster simply makes even better sense.

What does everyone want? We want stability. We want security. We want to get ahead. However, we fear change. In light of these observations, we must diligently seek to maximize every learning opportunity, for therein lies our ability to earn more income, gain career stability and to get ahead.

Unfortunately, there have been very few accessible tools to enable an increase in our learning rate. The educational establishment has been teaching inrepparttar 144705 same manner for many years, even thoughrepparttar 144706 real world has been demanding an upgrade. In my 18 years inrepparttar 144707 formal education system, not once was any mandatory or elective training offered in goal setting, effective study habits or speed reading. Those wanting more options have been paying a premium for customized educational services through private companies. What other solutions are available?

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