Your Favorite Music Wherever You Go - MP3 Portable Players Maximize Listening Pleasure with Unparalleled Convenience

Written by W R Kirk

Love music? Now take your favorite songs anywhere with one ofrepparttar hot new mp3 portable players onrepparttar 149594 market. Some are as tiny as a pendant. And fromrepparttar 149595 deepest lows to sharpest highs,repparttar 149596 digital sound is fantastic!

Made by Apple, iPod is synonymous with portable mp3 players. The popular iPod Shuffle is aboutrepparttar 149597 size of a pack of gum. The Dell Jukebox and portable players from Creative Labs, Archos, iRiver, Rio, Sony, Samsung, iRock, and many more have an incredible array of features.

Easy-to-use software lets you rip tunes from your CD collection in mp3 format and load hundreds or even thousands of songs in your player. Some players can even burn tunes directly from a built-in FM tuner, a CD player, or other source.

MP3 Revolutionizes Music Enjoyment

Ultra CEMS – Emerging as a Market Leader

Written by John Dean

Weymouth based Contract Electronics Manufacturer; Ultra Electronics Manufacturing Services (Ultra CEMS) is part ofrepparttar very successful £300M+ T/o Ultra Electronics plc group of companies.

Ultra CEMS offer high reliability, low to medium volume, turnkey electronic manufacturing services to a wide range of industries including companies fromrepparttar 149496 Aerospace, Defence, Industrial, Instrumentation, Marine, Medical, Measurement & Control, Oil & Gas, Telecoms and Transportation market sectors.

John Dean, Ultra CEMS Customer Support Manager takes uprepparttar 149497 story: “We have a growing reputation inrepparttar 149498 low to medium volume, high reliability market sector. High levels of capital investment have enabled us to greatly expand our SMT and conventional throughput and a focus on in-house training has helped to build our reputation for quality. Although we do some manufacturing for other Ultra divisions, it totals only 15 % of our turnover, and we build products for around 20 other major UK OEMs.

As a division of Ultra Electronics plc, Ultra CEMS has significant purchasing power with particular strengths in obsolescence management, global sourcing and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI).

Furthermore, Ultra CEMS has a dedicated IPC training school on site to ensure all production staff are trained to a very high standard. As a result, Ultra CEMS offer all their clients IPC-A-610 Class 3 workmanship as standard.

Products can be manufactured under full material traceability conditions. Component failures inrepparttar 149499 field can be traced back to specific batches of materials and even which assembly operators assembledrepparttar 149500 product.

Ultra’s business growth has been dramatic, with many new and larger OEM customers now using their one-stop-shop services.

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