Your Endless Journey to More Abundant Life

Written by Andrei Yashurin

There are two ways to gain knowledge aboutrepparttar world we live in (and I mean both physical and spiritual worlds). First is that we can believe inrepparttar 127065 things that are told to us. Second is that we can try to find answers on our own. Let us call people who preferrepparttar 127066 first way "believers", andrepparttar 127067 second, "investigators". No person is a pure "believer" or a pure "investigator", because in our life we all combine those two approaches to gaining knowledge. Evenrepparttar 127068 most skeptical of us donít question a number of things just because they have no time and no desire to prove them. And evenrepparttar 127069 most convinced believers do have their own doubts over certain aspects of their life.

It is up to us whether we choose to be "believers" or "investigators". This decision is based on our priorities.

For example, it is better for those who are looking for certainty to become "believers" and not to ask too many questions. People of such a kind are more interested in traditional, Fundamentalist religions. Basically, they are good, trustworthy and reliable people, good spouses and citizens, highly acclaimed by their neighbors, and it is not my intention to put them down.

Are you looking for certainty above all else? My advise is this: find a church that you likerepparttar 127070 best (which depends on your personal preferences), and become its faithful member. Believe all things that you hear from a pulpit. Donít ask questions. Assume that your minister knows it all, anyway, he (she) spent so many years in seminary and in ministry. Give him (her) your money in exchange for a dose of certainty every Sunday. If you will ever hear some people who donít agree with your church doctrine, have a pity for them, because they don't seerepparttar 127071 True Light. Be blessed, and be happy, for millions of godly people aroundrepparttar 127072 world are doing justrepparttar 127073 same. It is a way that they choose, and there are no reasons to condemn it. Actually, their religion may be a good one!

However, if you think that such a lifestyle limits you and does not agree with your deepest desires, you can choose another way, and to become an "investigator".

Something to Give

Written by Andrei Yashurin

Now may He who supplies seed torepparttar sower, and bread for food, supply and multiplyrepparttar 127064 seed that you have sown and increaserepparttar 127065 fruit of your righteousness, while you are enriched in everything for all liberality, which causes thanksgiving through us to God. 2 Corinthians 9:10,11

When we examine this passage fromrepparttar 127066 Bible, three things quickly become evident to us:

God sees us as sowers; God provides us with seed; God grants an increase.

At a first glance it may look like Paul is talking about something secondary and insignificant, something that does not deserve much attention. However, I am convinced that he described one of repparttar 127067 most important laws of life, and this law, rightly applied, will bring to us all Godís blessings and enrich our life far beyond our imagination.

Allrepparttar 127068 blessings are freely given to us by God, butrepparttar 127069 secret that most ofrepparttar 127070 people donít understand is that they are given to us as a seed, not as a ripe fruit. Abundance is subject torepparttar 127071 law of sowing and reaping, or giving and receiving. In order to get, we need to give. If we want to reap an abundant harvest, it is important for us to take care about sowing good seeds.

God sees us as sowers, and He provides us with seeds.

"Do not give up until you have something to give". I do not know exactly who said those words, but for more than six years since I first heard them, they continue to be a tremendous source of an inspiration and encouragement in times when I feel like Iím going to quit. The fact is that no matter where we are in life, we always face challenges, and oftenrepparttar 127072 first reaction to a challenge is fear. We may be afraid of an unknown. We may be uncertain whether we will have enough strength, wisdom and natural resources to go through and to win. We may feel bad because our expectations were unfulfilled. We could become tired of misunderstandings, rejection and criticism. And yet, this wise advice ensures us that no seeming failure is final. There are no reasons to give up until we have something to give, andrepparttar 127073 Truth is that we all have something to give, even if we donít know it. God sees us as sowers, and He provides us with seeds.

Every time when a thought "I have nothing" comes to you, reject it, because it is a lie. Poverty is a mentality. People are poorrepparttar 127074 moment they feel they are poor. When we look at people, even in most desperate conditions, we see that EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING. It can be a little money what they have. It can be some personal items that they own. It can be their relationships with other people. It can be their knowledge and an understanding. It can be their physical, mental and spiritual potential. It can be their ability to have personal relationships with God and to receive guidance from Him.

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