Your Cover Letter MUST Ask This Question

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

Imagine receiving a letter from a salesman who wants to sell you an exciting new widget. The letter focuses on allrepparttar reasons why this is such a great item. But nowhere doesrepparttar 150770 man ASK forrepparttar 150771 purchase! You are not as likely to buy it.

The same thing is true with a job search cover letter. Unless you ASKrepparttar 150772 employer forrepparttar 150773 opportunity to be interviewed you probably won't hearrepparttar 150774 phone ring. Decide today that every cover letter you write will contain your specific request for a job interview. ASK and you will receive!

If you don't landrepparttar 150775 job interview, you certainly will not landrepparttar 150776 job, so put first things first.

• Write a great cover letter that sparkles with friendliness and professionalism. • State your qualifications forrepparttar 150777 position you want. • Tellrepparttar 150778 employer how you can help his/her company. • ASK for an interview clearly and directly.

Team Development and Learning

Written by CMOE Development Team

A tight knit team is a group of competent individuals who care deeply about each other and are fiercely committed to their mission. The members are highly motivated to combing their energy and expertise to achieve a common objective. From our observation and studies on team development, we have found three primary conditions that have to be met in order to attain higher levels of team performance and member satisfaction.

  1. Resources and Commitment
  2. Ownership and Heart
  3. Learning

These three conditions arerepparttar heart and soul of team development and yet these conditions are not blueprints. Each developing team is unique, and its needs and details of teamwork have to be worked out separately. Let’s look closer at condition number three - Learning.


In order to harvestrepparttar 150763 enormous power of teamwork, one’s knowledge, skills and abilities have to be sharpened. This is required to supportrepparttar 150764 values describe in “Condition No. 2 – Ownership.” (This is because values with skills will result in good intentions. But withoutrepparttar 150765 skills and behaviorrepparttar 150766 values alone can not produce results. Likewise, nifty skills and techniques withoutrepparttar 150767 heart and soul of values will likely be perceived as manipulative and just another management ploy to trick people into giving more torepparttar 150768 organization atrepparttar 150769 expense of its members.

How does a team learn best about teamwork? How to take back responsibility? What exactly is there to learn from experiences in teamwork? We have found thatrepparttar 150770 principles of teamwork can best be explored by adult learning modules where people try out their team development skills on actual tasks and activities. We usually select tasks that are uncommon so that participants have a level experience field. Once a task is completed, we carefully leadrepparttar 150771 learners back through their experience and encourage them to discussrepparttar 150772 positives and negatives ofrepparttar 150773 team’s effort. We look for common threads of thought and weave together, with their experiences,repparttar 150774 key concepts of principles of sound team development. Learners are then asked to plan and transfer their experiences back torepparttar 150775 work place and develop plans to turn their learning into productive ideas or strategies. This approach to learning is fun and exciting. It usually leaves a lasting impact and memorable reference points forrepparttar 150776 future. Groups really acquirerepparttar 150777 language andrepparttar 150778 concepts of teamwork.

The insights about teamwork are broad and deep. The following is basically an unaltered flip chart session of lessons and insights from a team located inrepparttar 150779 Midwest that produces heavy equipment.

  1. We typically underestimaterepparttar 150780 importance ofrepparttar 150781 role ofrepparttar 150782 leader.
  2. Cross training really enhancesrepparttar 150783 strength ofrepparttar 150784 team.
  3. Careful management and control ofrepparttar 150785 team’s resources is crucial.

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