Your Country Needs You

Written by malcolm james pugh

your country needs you.

Victorian is thought old hat, Way past its pomp and prime, A throwback to a world of austere, A world of toil and grime, Yet they had mail five times a day, As fact and not idle boast, You could write you would be late for tea, From a beach onrepparttar south coast, And your household would be forewarned, If annoyed at your irksome ways, Now you get home beforerepparttar 131566 letter, Because it takes up to three days, Trains of course were frightful, And ran on dirty smelly coal, And steamed and snarled and snorted, Whilst performing their passenger role, But few indeed were ever cancelled, And fewer still were ever late, It takes modern disorganisation, To confine us to that fate, Automobiles were chic and noisy, And top speeds always drew gasps, But thankfullyrepparttar 131567 contemporary cameras, Werent good enough for speed traps, This was an age that knew not losing, Where everything could be achieved, Where anything was possible, As long as you really believed, Where police actually patrolled, Where schools actually taught learning, Where roads were actually navigable, And everyone was always burning, To be a part of Great Britain, To have pride in where they belonged, To readrepparttar 131568 countrys history, And to singrepparttar 131569 countrys songs, Now our schools turn out illiterates, You enter hospitals only if you dare, Venture outdoors mainly in daylight, And return late via very high fares, Where nothing concrete is achieved, Nothing difficult is undertaken And statistics and illusion are, Rolled out to blind a nation, Whatever happened torepparttar 131570 Great, Whatever happened torepparttar 131571 Britain, All we have now isrepparttar 131572 state, And allrepparttar 131573 lies that are written. The only time we are acknowledged, Is when its again a voting year, When all is vividly promised, now, Yet was ignored for all those years, Yet mayberepparttar 131574 election wont happen, And we might after all survive, As ninety per cent are rigged postal votes, And they might not ever arrive, Or at very best arrive late,

Why use XHTML?

Written by Gary R. Hess

XHTML first came along in December of 2000. It has since then grown in popularity substantially but has yet maderepparttar final leap. Although XHTML has some problems being viewed in Internet Explorer, it is still of great use and is very powerful.

Unlike HTML, all XHTML have to have a closing tag. Be it an img or a p, it has to end. This is great practice for beginners and also helps evenrepparttar 131564 most advanced markup writer keep up on his work. Also, if you are looking to impress your buddies or if you are looking to start your own web design business, XHTML is a good place to start. It makes your source code clean and readable,repparttar 131565 most important things when looking for a professional.

Not only that, it has other benefits as well. With XML becoming ever so popular, XHTML comes right along with it.

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