Your Connection to the Elements

Written by Avalon De Witt

In ancient times, scientists, philosophers and magi divided matter into four basic elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. It has been said that these elements arerepparttar building blocks of life.

A scientist and philosopher named Empedocles set this foundation for science in Sicily duringrepparttar 122347 5th century B.C. Empedocles belonged torepparttar 122348 tradition of "Root Cutters," which means that he was an herbal magician and healer. He defined these elements, or "roots," as not only physical substances, but also as "spiritual essences." He even assigned gods and goddesses to these energies: Air - Zeus Fire - Hades Water - Nestis (also known as Persephone) Earth - Hera

About a century later, Aristotle assigned properties of hotness and coldness torepparttar 122349 elements: Air - hot/moist Fire - hot/dry Water - cool/moist Earth - cool/dry

Mystics throughoutrepparttar 122350 ages have recognized these elements as four spiritual modes of being. Air, Fire, Water and Earth are represented byrepparttar 122351 four suits ofrepparttar 122352 Tarot - Swords (Air), Wands (Fire), Cups (Water) and Pentacles (Earth). I have seen that a dominant suit in a card spread can be very telling. You will also find these elements in astrology: Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Fire - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Alchemy, Hermeticism and Gnosticism hold understandings ofrepparttar 122353 four elements, too. We can see them inrepparttar 122354 Jungian theory ofrepparttar 122355 four personality types - thinking (Air), intuiting (Fire), feeling (Water) and sensing (Earth). Even our modern Meyers-Briggs personality test shares this four-fold concept.

The idea is that nature andrepparttar 122356 Self are equal. The four seasons of a year can be compared torepparttar 122357 four stages of human life - birth, growth, maturity and death. We can utilizerepparttar 122358 four elements as dimensions of psychic and spiritual growth. The natural way would be to strive to achieve an equal proportion of each. Understandingrepparttar 122359 psychic energies of these elements can help us balance our lives and experience greater harmony. If you know which elements to call upon and how to connect with them, you can manage whatever life throws your way much more easily.

AIR Season - Spring Time of Day - Dawn Direction - East Color - Yellow Archangel - Raphael

Every time you think or communicate, you are drawing onrepparttar 122360 element of Air. Our connections with others are formed through Air. Air isrepparttar 122361 most elusive of allrepparttar 122362 elements. It is uncontainable, unseen, and changeable. Whenever you seek insight, discover a new idea, change your mind, clarify a vision, develop a plan or concentrate on your breathing, you are becoming Air. Air is intellect, Truth and wisdom. If you have difficulty making decisions, taking action, understanding or being understood, Air can help you.

To awaken your connection torepparttar 122363 Air element, open your windows and clearrepparttar 122364 air around you by burning some incense or smudging your home with sage. Play music that inspires you. Or go outside and feelrepparttar 122365 wind on your face. Pay attention torepparttar 122366 way it masters its own destiny, moving constantly. Its flexibility makes it unstoppable. Try to block it with your hand. It will only go around.

Singing or toning, whistling, even dancing are all Air activities. Crystal singing bowls and tuning forks are useful tools for invoking Air energy. Inventors utilizerepparttar 122367 element of Air. Read biographies of inventors to understandrepparttar 122368 inner workings of Air.

FIRE Season - Summer Time of Day - Noon Direction - South Color - Red Archangel - Mikael

Have you ever really, really wanted something? That's fire. Fire is desire. It is dynamic, passionate, bold, enthusiastic, active and hopeful. Fire isrepparttar 122369 life principle. It provides heat and light. It isrepparttar 122370 element of Spirit. Fire is charming, flamboyant and inspirational. Fire transforms. If you would like to improve your sense of humor or build courage, confidence, or motivation, look to Fire. To open up torepparttar 122371 power of Fire within you, you can light a candle and see whatrepparttar 122372 living flame has to show you. Watch a sunset and take inrepparttar 122373 brilliance of this vital element. If you really want a mega-dose, try dancing around a campfire and watchrepparttar 122374 wayrepparttar 122375 fire dances with you. Letrepparttar 122376 heat ofrepparttar 122377 Fire element penetrate and warm your soul. Competitive sports and games are also good ways to stimulaterepparttar 122378 spark of Fire in your life.

Waiting For Synchronicity

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Do you rememberrepparttar scene inrepparttar 122346 movie “The Minority Report” where Tom Cruise is escaping withrepparttar 122347 psychic or “precognitive” and they are being pursued inrepparttar 122348 mall? In that scene,repparttar 122349 psychic keeps telling Tom Cruise to “Wait! Wait…wait…wait.” She’s telling him to wait forrepparttar 122350 moment of perfect synchrony, when a man with a huge bunch of balloons will stand in justrepparttar 122351 right place and hide them from their pursuers. The whole time she’s telling him to wait, though, Tom Cruise is anxious and ready to run.

Now doesn’t that sound like scene from our own lives? At least, that’s howrepparttar 122352 Universe would see us as we go about our daily activities. Here’s what it sees: we askrepparttar 122353 Universe to bring us something andrepparttar 122354 Universe immediately leaps into action to bring it to us. But rather than simply waiting for that moment of synchrony, when allrepparttar 122355 factors come together in perfect order, we leap into action and try to “make everything work.” If we would just wait forrepparttar 122356 moment of perfect synchrony, as Tom Cruise did inrepparttar 122357 movie, we would find that it would come to us – easily, peacefully and without fuss.

In this society, we have an extreme bias for action, productivity and achievement. We believe that we must “do” everything in our lives, so we’re always in motion. In fact, it’s worse than that. Not only are we in motion almost every waking moment of every day, but we’ve also planned out our active motion forrepparttar 122358 coming days, weeks and months. Whether it’s work, PTA meetings, hobby-type activities or sports, we are completely booked. Or even if we aren’t physically booked at every moment, we’re so mentally busy trying to “figure it out” that we might as well be doing something physical!

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