Your Computer Can't Keep Time

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Your Computer Can't Keep Time

By Stephen Bucaro

A computer needs a certain amount of information to operate; for example,repparttar 107786 date and time,repparttar 107787 amount of memory installed,repparttar 107788 number of drives and their configuration, and so on. Inrepparttar 107789 early days of computers, eitherrepparttar 107790 user typed in this information each timerepparttar 107791 computer started, or it was set using DIP switches and jumpers. Today, computers store this information in a CMOS chip that uses a small battery to retainrepparttar 107792 information whenrepparttar 107793 computer is shut off.

CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) is type of chip that consumes very little power; therefore, whilerepparttar 107794 computer is turned off,repparttar 107795 battery discharges very slowly. Butrepparttar 107796 battery will totally discharge if you leave your computer turned off for a year or so. Even if you turn your computer on every day,repparttar 107797 battery is designed to last only a couple of years. Occasionally a battery will fail prematurely.

Today's plug-and-play computers can detect most ofrepparttar 107798 necessary settings, but if your CMOS battery is dead, your computer will not be able to retainrepparttar 107799 date and time. The computer will also lose any custom settings, for example,repparttar 107800 boot sequence. If you set a password in CMOS, you may be locked out ofrepparttar 107801 computer. Ifrepparttar 107802 CMOS battery does fail, you might receiverepparttar 107803 message "System Configuration Lost" when you startrepparttar 107804 computer. It would be wise to record allrepparttar 107805 CMOS settings as a precaution.

To recordrepparttar 107806 CMOS settings, watch for an on-screen prompt when you first start your computer. The prompt tells you to press a key, usuallyrepparttar 107807 Del or F2, to enter CMOS. To enterrepparttar 107808 CMOS configuration utility, you have to pressrepparttar 107809 indicated key whilerepparttar 107810 message is onrepparttar 107811 screen. Afterrepparttar 107812 CMOS configuration screen appears, followrepparttar 107813 instructions provided to page through allrepparttar 107814 screens and record allrepparttar 107815 settings.

Benefits of E-Publishing

Written by Pawan Bangar,Birbals,India


Just like all other aspects of life,repparttar digital revolution has taken onrepparttar 107783 world of publishing also. With digital publishing coming torepparttar 107784 fore,repparttar 107785 publishing world has undergone several fundamental changes. Earlier, publishing was strictly related to paper. However, now paperless publishing or electronic publishing is gaining more prominence. Electronic publishing or ‘e-publishing in which books, journals and magazine are being produced and stored electronically rather than in print. These publications have all qualities ofrepparttar 107786 normal publishing likerepparttar 107787 use of colours, graphics, and images and are much convenient also. Electronic publishing empowers all writers in way that no technology has ever done before. Whatever you write--- fiction, poetry, news, how-to books or business documents--- there are exciting things happening that will directly effect how you write and distribute work.

The digital revolution has not just benefit writers alone, but has also revolutionizedrepparttar 107788 works ofrepparttar 107789 artists, photographers, and other creative person. There are already hundreds of thousands of books and journals published inrepparttar 107790 digital format and their number is rising every day. People are looking at electronic publishing optimistically as it is going to play a pivotal role inrepparttar 107791 modern world of e-commerce. Electronic publications may be produced in a variety of formats, including online, onrepparttar 107792 disk or CD-ROM, as a fire that can be downloaded or transmitted via e-mail or as a file that that can be downloaded to a hand-held electronic reader or a similar device. Many e-publishers offer books in several of these formats. E-publishers produce and distribute new books, which are appearing forrepparttar 107793 first time and many only appear in electronic formats (though some may also be produced in a "books on demand" format as well).

Thus, e-publishing does not includerepparttar 107794 following type of electronic books production: providing electronic text versions of previously published works (such as classic literature, non-copyrighted material, or works that have enteredrepparttar 107795 public domain), either online or on CD-ROM, offering on an electronic version of a book that is simultaneously being produced on print. In this case,repparttar 107796 book would be considered a print publication, andrepparttar 107797 electronic edition would be considered a subsidiary form of publication. Electronic publishing is relatively a new concept, but offer a lot of opportunity to creative person, both for self-employment and regular jobs. The best part of this career is that since, every-thing has to be done on compute; those telecommuting can also pursue this career. These are many publishers, sites, and news wires, who want people to work from their home. The demand for such person in electronic publishing is more in B2V (business to business) portals where there are good revenues also.

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