Your Choice: Aging Boomer or Ageless Bloomer

Written by Barbara Morris

The American way of aging, steeped in stultifying tradition and flawed conventional wisdom of a bygone era, is slowly changing.

But for now, tradition and custom still dominate. You knowrepparttar routine: Around age 50 an accelerating number of sound bites, events and dire warnings about inescapable problems and pitfalls of aging are relentless reminders life is winding down.

You are deemed lazy or irresponsible if you have not prepared to acquire that contagious, debilitating disease called retirement – a political absurdity ofrepparttar 151117 Depression Era that short-circuitsrepparttar 151118 life and potential of many capable people and, burdens society in too many ways to count.

Bombarded by countless predictions of impending disability and death, you start looking for signs of your own decline. A momentary memory lapse, which everyone experiences, regardless of age, results in a panicky “I’m having a senior moment.” I have never heard a teenager experiencing a memory lapse (and they have plenty of them) berate him or herself with “I’m having a junior moment.”

You drop something and immediately declare, “I must be getting old.” Young people drop things allrepparttar 151119 time and don’t imagine they are getting old. They just bend over and pick it up. Youth doesn’t sweatrepparttar 151120 small stuff – why should you?

The advent of age 60 can really acceleraterepparttar 151121 “old age” wrecking ball. Tradition says it’s time to leaverepparttar 151122 real world. It’s time to travel and play golfrepparttar 151123 rest of your life.

Social and family pressure convinces yourepparttar 151124 home you’ve lived in all your life is now “too much” for you. So you move to a retirement community where you not only enjoyrepparttar 151125 comfort and camaraderie of peers, but you are also vulnerable torepparttar 151126 reality ofrepparttar 151127 Grim Reaper who manifests himself in an abnormal concentration of sickness, depression, and death.

You adopt attitudes and behaviors that instruct your subconscious to help you let go of life. You kid yourself that you are just taking time to smellrepparttar 151128 roses but before you know it,repparttar 151129 roses are on your coffin and you are pushing up daises.

See How Trampolines Can Be Part Of Any Exercise Program

Written by Paul Johnson

Whenrepparttar trampoline was invented by a young boy intrigued byrepparttar 151116 ability of aerialists to bounce in a net and perform artistic maneuvers while they did so, it literally becamerepparttar 151117 "springboard" for a whole new sport.

George Nissen, who was a tumbler and gymnast himself, tookrepparttar 151118 sports to a whole new height by putting them on canvas strung in a metal frame. Overrepparttar 151119 years,repparttar 151120 canvas has been replaced by nylon weave, andrepparttar 151121 frames are made lighter and more stable. Andrepparttar 151122 sport has evolved to incorporate elements of gymnastics, ballet, and even diving.

Trampolines first became available torepparttar 151123 public through entertainment venues where you paid for a ticket to bounce around for a specified time. Eventually, they found their way into schools, then gyms, then into organized associations as a real, and challenging competitive sport.

Whilerepparttar 151124 world championships allow for a variety of competitions, including team events, and synchronized trampoline routines where two people perform on separate equipment,repparttar 151125 Olympics at this time, recognizes onlyrepparttar 151126 individual skills event.

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