Your Brand, Your Success, Market Your Money

Written by Barrett Niehus

Your Brand, Your Success, Market Your Money

By Barrett Niehus

Arguably,repparttar most effective logo or brand name ever created is that ofrepparttar 101077 Harley Davidson eagle and logo. If you don't believe me, just name another corporate logo that is routinely tattooed on a willing participant's body. How many people acrossrepparttar 101078 planet have voluntarily become a walking billboard for repparttar 101079 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Corporation? How was this brand recognition and dedication created? Effective brand marketing, proper positioning within a market, and selling torepparttar 101080 markets most fundamental wants. What lessons can be learned from Harley Davidson's marketing strategy? The answer is all of them.

Your corporate brand and associated logo presentrepparttar 101081 fundamental essence of your company. It is your name and logo that people recognize. Your logo is a symbol of your company, and it isrepparttar 101082 constant promotion of this symbol that creates recognition in your customer's mind. Therefore, always make sure your logo adequately represents your company, and always include your logo on your correspondence, and marketing material.

Branding you logo is an essential step in securing your market. Branding requires that you continually present your target market with your logo while associatingrepparttar 101083 image withrepparttar 101084 services and products that you offer. The intention is to hel0p your customer create a mental relationship withrepparttar 101085 image so that they know exactly whatrepparttar 101086 logo represents whenever they see it. The mental relationship can be a product such as IP Ware Software ( or an image and lifestyle such as Nike (,) and Harley Davidson ( Regardless ofrepparttar 101087 service or product, your brand and logo should create a strong mental relationship with your target market.

12 Guaranteed Guru Secrets, For Better Ezine Ad Results

Written by Patrick Hale (Pat @Maxaid)

12 Guaranteed Guru Secrets, For Better Ezine Ad Results

From buying expensive solo ads to placing free classifieds in ezinesrepparttar past three years, you can be assured of my qualifications to write this article. I'm a Guru aren't I ? :-)

1. I Place most ezine ads in an ezine that is not delivered regularly on schedule. People love surprises and it's a real surprise if this ezine arrives on schedule. (I bet on a high number of subs, here)

2. I just Love to put ezine ads in an ezine classified section, where it is competing with dozens of other ads. If I do get a clickthrough this means my dollar sign characters stood out aboverepparttar 101076 rest.

3. I Don't bother to spell check my ad copy. That misspelled word is sure to get noticed, and that's what it is all about, Right ?

4. My personal favorite is choosing an ezine whose publisher uses an FFA site to build his subscriber list. I can bet onrepparttar 101077 sub list being huge and also have a broader audience to choose from.

5. I Always userepparttar 101078 same affiliate ads that come standard withrepparttar 101079 program. These ads are all written by professional copy writers, so they are nothing short of pure magic for a guaranteed click.

6. Why would I waste time subscribing to an ezine before buying a top spot ad. There's more important things to spend my time on. ( Hey ! Honey, what time doesrepparttar 101080 game start tonight ?)

7. I Always try to put enough info inrepparttar 101081 ad to makerepparttar 101082 sale from repparttar 101083 point of exposure, not depending onrepparttar 101084 prospect to click to my website, or send for info by email. Saves 'em time, plus you got'em onrepparttar 101085 hook, why let them go ?

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