Your Book and a Great Website

Written by Dr. Jamie Fettig

Build a great Website. I can't state this often enough or strongly enough: you must have an attractive, easy to use Website that lets your visitors do four things:

a.Buy your book. b.Register and download sample chapters or get your e-newsletter. c.E-mail friends about your book. d.Find out more about you.

Your Website should be ground zero for your book business,repparttar place where everyone comes to buy copies, give you their contact information, communicate with you about media interviews or bulk orders, and just learn about your book and why they should buy it. It'srepparttar 108343 single most important aspect of your marketing plan.

Notice that I said, "great" Website. There are thousands of new books coming out every month, and many of them are amateurish at best. Having a sloppy, clunky, poorly written Website only makes your book look like one of those amateur-hour productions. Investrepparttar 108344 money in a professional Web developer, someone who can design a classy, beautiful site, build your e-commerce system and give yourepparttar 108345 means to easily update your site's content at any time.

Good sites all makerepparttar 108346 books and their authors appear professional, legitimate, and smart. They're inviting information centers for people to come to and spend time getting to know both book and writer.

You should have your Website up and running before you begin any PR or sales activities, probably at least two months before your book hitsrepparttar 108347 streets. Talk to several Web designers or get a referral from someone you trust. In any case, make sure your site has at least these features:

∑E-commerce so people can buy your book. (a great place Ė- ∑A registration page that asks visitors to give you their contact information before they can download a sample chapter or get your e-newsletter. ∑A media section where members ofrepparttar 108348 press can download your press kit as a PDF, read other media coverage, and contact you for interviews. ∑A contact page with all your contact information. ∑A bio page with your personal story. ∑A function that allows visitors to e-mail their friends from your site.

The BOMBASTIC method for selling 1,000,000 e-books per year!!!

Written by John Kaka

Makerepparttar math, if you can sell 1,000,000 of any stuff each year, you are more probably than not a millionaire, further more if you are selling something as intangible as e-books. Can I guarantee you will be selling this amount this year? No. Nobody can guarantee you such thing, but withrepparttar 108342 information that you will find on this article and on my website, you can really dramatically increaserepparttar 108343 amount of e-books that you sell each year. I will reveal you hidden secrets used by best seller authors. They have been using them for years to rake inrepparttar 108344 huge profits. I will reveal you allrepparttar 108345 secrets for FREE right here and right now on this same article. Even if you have never written any book about any subject, you will feel inclined to do so when you realizerepparttar 108346 income potential of just writing a simple book. I will tell you how to write a book in a few hours even if you don't have perfect writing skills, donít know a lot of English, have poor grammar skills, donít know anything about any subject or you consider yourself to be a complete idiot. Anyone can profit from this industry. Of course if you have previous education and have expert knowledge on a vast amount of subjects, you incur inrepparttar 108347 possibility to increase your profits exponentially with what you are about to learn.

The industry of e-books has been emerging onrepparttar 108348 Internet lately. The purpose ofrepparttar 108349 Internet is to educate, to entertain and to provide methods for people to communicate with each other on a more effective way. So people usually turn torepparttar 108350 Internet looking for something: information. They arrive to their computer screens hungry for information, starving to find what they donít find anywhere else. Some need money, others need sex, others need something else. I will explain you how important it is what I just mentioned for your business ventures, your e-commerce and your e-books. People turn torepparttar 108351 Internet looking for information, fun, to satisfy an unsatisfied need (like sex), or communication (to chat with others, email, etc). Thatís basically it. Now how can you implement that knowledge into your business life and how can you profit from it? It is very simple. Letís say that you find a problem (they are everywhere anyway so you wonít have a hard time finding one), and you find a solution for that problem, check whatís next. You can charge a reasonable low fee and you will have millions of persons from all aroundrepparttar 108352 world paying you forrepparttar 108353 information that you have that can solve their problems. Some people just find nothing and start sellingrepparttar 108354 garbage that they say they have. They scam out an unfortunate few out of their money. These arerepparttar 108355 unsuccessful businessmen. You need to get residual income from your products. You need to get word of mouth advertisement. You need to sell valuable info so you can refer your buyer to other products and keep selling to them. If you sell something valuable to someone and that person is very happy with his purchase you will end up not only selling to him, but also to his family members, closed friends, business partners. Suddenly you wonít know whererepparttar 108356 money is coming from, but you will know that it is coming in fast and in big quantities.

If you targetrepparttar 108357 right market and userepparttar 108358 marketing techniques that I reveal bellow, you wonít even have to expend a dime on advertising. It will be an easy ride. You will receive residual income for a long time. That means you create something once and you profit from it time after time, without doing anything else. Do you start to seerepparttar 108359 profit potential of creating your own e-books? This also applies to other intangible products that let you earn leveraged and residual income.

Target your market sell to people that want to buy what you are selling. If you want to focus onrepparttar 108360 profits, then focus onrepparttar 108361 people. Ask what they want. If what you want is to sell e-books onrepparttar 108362 Internet, then you donít need to ask I will tell you what they want. They mainly want free information, to have fun, to get laid, to become rich fast, to share ideas and to communicate with others. You might think that what I mentioned above has nothing to do with selling e-books or that it may be hard to profit from it. Understand that people rarely get inrepparttar 108363 Internet withrepparttar 108364 idea of buying something, they want all of what I mentioned above and they want it for free. So if you are selling them something, make sure your stuff doesnít bore them, otherwise they will just leave and never return. Sell products related to what people are looking for. You might be able to sell one thousand e-books about how to feed a horse, but if what you want is fast and easy profits then focus on selling what will catchrepparttar 108365 attention ofrepparttar 108366 majority of people. Everyone wants to make more money. Find a good business, which generates good profits, and write about it. You may end up making more money fromrepparttar 108367 sale of your books than fromrepparttar 108368 business itself. Letís take for examplerepparttar 108369 real estate option contract. Letís take this subject as an example. Option contracts are used to control real estate without buyingrepparttar 108370 properties. If you are a real estate investor and you know how to handle real estate transactions, you will be able to profit big time not only from this kind of real estate transactions, but also many others. Anywayrepparttar 108371 point is that with you real estate dealings you will have limited and not leveraged income. You have to wake up, go out findrepparttar 108372 deals, talk torepparttar 108373 people, callrepparttar 108374 people, have them signrepparttar 108375 contracts, findrepparttar 108376 buyers, arrangerepparttar 108377 deals, put gas on your car, buy new cloth to impress your buyers, keep in mind your local and real estate laws. It sounds kind of complicated isnít? I am not saying that you wonít rake in huge profits from real estate negotiations, all I am saying is that your income potential is limited.

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