Your Auction Headline - The Most Important Part Of Your Auction

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

The words you select to describe your item will have a tremendous impact onrepparttar final price it receives or if it receives any bids at all. This is because no matter how greatrepparttar 148273 item is you have up at auction, if you use words that don't lead prospective buyers to it, no one will ever see it. You have a total of 45 spaces to use for your auction headline to get people to visit your auction, so it's extremely important that you use each space wisely.

The vast majority of buyers search through eBay listings by enteringrepparttar 148274 item they are looking for into eBay's search engine. The main auction search engine only searches for words listed in auction titles. If a person selects a word that isn't in your auction title, your auction won't come up as a result of their search.

This means that by farrepparttar 148275 most important task you have when composing a title for your auction is to use words that are relevant and specific torepparttar 148276 item you are listing. While this may seem obvious, a lot of sellers don't do it (in fact, searching for listings in which people have ineffective or misspelled titles can often get you some great items which you can resell for a profit).

If you are going to spend any extra time on your auctions, thinking throughrepparttar 148277 best key words for your title is where you should spend that time.

With a limit of 45 spaces, writing everything you want inrepparttar 148278 title just isn't going to be possible. For example, say you have a complete set of four bobblehead giveaways, sponsored by Mountain Dew, thatrepparttar 148279 Minnesota Twins gave away at select home games duringrepparttar 148280 2002 season.

Although accurate, that description is way too long forrepparttar 148281 allowable number of spaces. The key is to think through an accurate description that includes everything and then takingrepparttar 148282 most important words out of that and using them.

A simple title might read "Minnesota Twins Bobbleheads". However, that title would be ineffective because it isn't specific enough. While there are many buyers who are looking for Minnesota Twins memorabilia and bobblehead dolls,repparttar 148283 categories are too large and your auction will be lost among allrepparttar 148284 listings. You will have a very limited number of people who will ever see your auction.

A better title might be "2002 Complete Set Minnesota Twins Bobbleheads". This title uses every available space and gives a specific description of what you are selling. It will also now appear in results for a narrower search.

Choosing The Right eBay Auction Category

Written by Robbin K. Tungett

eBay is divided up into hundreds of categories and sub-categories and once you've decided on an item to list, you must decide what category you will list it in.

For example, let's assume you have a Tonka truck that you had as a child. Do you place it under toys, collectibles, or automotive? And, once you've decided on one of those three, you still need to decide what sub-category you will list it under.

Choosingrepparttar category and sub-category you list your item in is not a trivial decision. It can meanrepparttar 148272 difference between making a sale and no sale at all. It can meanrepparttar 148273 difference between multiple bidders and only one bidder.

Here are some tips to help you selectrepparttar 148274 best category and sub-category for your item:

1. Begin by checking allrepparttar 148275 categories that your item might fit into. This may take some time, but it's time well spent. And, as you become more experienced you won't need to spend as much time on this inrepparttar 148276 future. Look at each category and ask yourself:

-> Are there other similar items for sale here? -> If there are, do they have bids? -> How do final prices in this category compare to those in other categories?

2. Look at completed auctions. Search completed auctions for Tonka trucks. In what category and sub-category have they sold well?

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