You want RESULTS? I'll give you RESULTS!

Written by Michael Dimas

I am not a therapist. I do not do therapy. I am a "Performance Consultant". I teach people how to producerepparttar results they want in their lives usingrepparttar 136216 most effective methods. Change will be fast, fun, easy and lots more fun! You like fun, right?

I'm not much interested in talking about or analyzing your past. I want to know what you want for now and forrepparttar 136217 future. I can show you how to neutralizerepparttar 136218 bad feelings fromrepparttar 136219 past rapidly and easily.

What do you want? You say you are overweight. Well, that is simply a result that you are producing. Change what you think about re: food, exercise, life, relationships, possibilities, etc and you will produce a different result. What do you want? Fit? Buff? Feminine? Sexy? Powerful? Confident? Excited? Focused?

Notice that allrepparttar 136220 stuff therapy types talk about is what you DON"T want! That'srepparttar 136221 wrong pile! When you look at how fat, discouraged, depressed, unhappy, etc you are that'srepparttar 136222 stuff that makes you feel crappy.

You need to look inrepparttar 136223 other direction. Just imagine how great you'll feel as you begin to take control of your life by changingrepparttar 136224 way you feel. What do you want? Vibrant Health? Explosive energy? Deep personal satisfaction? Stop right now and notice how much better you feel looking in this direction.

There is nothing wrong with any of you. You are not broken or damaged or need fixing.

You are simply running brain programs that produce bad feelings. Your past is NOT what causes your feelings. Your feelings are produced with a see + hear = feelings formula. What you see/hear produces your feelings. If you think about your past hooey and see/hear that stuff then you feel bad just like always. That's what depression is....thinking about how badrepparttar 136225 past was and how awful we feel and howrepparttar 136226 future sucks.

Notice this isrepparttar 136227 orientation that depressed people take. Wrong pile. Joy, satisfaction, fulfillment and peace of mind are not produced that way.

Your first step is to decide what you want in every area of your life. I'll show you how to produce whatever you want at every step ofrepparttar 136228 way.

Yes, there are things you can be doing. For starters, start thinking more and more about what you want in every setting through outrepparttar 136229 day. For example, how do you want to feel walking torepparttar 136230 bathroom? If you were alreadyrepparttar 136231 NEW YOU how would you feel? Create that now...there is no benefit in waiting. How would you walk from your house to your car if you were fully confident and happy? Start walking that way now.

Strength Within

Written by A.Z. Alfred

Forrepparttar twelve hundred hostages, most especially Timur Kasumova.

It’s a bright morning. The sun is smiling warmly onrepparttar 136179 just andrepparttar 136180 unjust as they busy about their daily routine. I personally have nothing much to do but get torepparttar 136181 Post Office, send a permission slip, authorising Voicenet to publish one of my poems in their anthology. This done, I would come back home and work on my computer.

As I approachedrepparttar 136182 Post Office, a TIME magazine caught my attention at a newsstand. Though I did not stop to pick it up but I glanced at it and onrepparttar 136183 cover read, “Slaughter ofrepparttar 136184 innocents” in bold red. Then I walked away.

Walking away from such caption if it be a graffiti in a subway is easy. But when it is boldly written onrepparttar 136185 picture of a young boy, say age nine or ten; a frigid boy clothed in a blood stained panties, blood gushing out his nose and he’s crying passionately, I must say it is not easy to walk away if you are not heartless.

Paying for stamp, affixing it to my mail, dropping it inrepparttar 136186 big box from which letters would be sorted out; I couldn’t getrepparttar 136187 little boy out of my mind. In fact, I almost messed uprepparttar 136188 stamp while thinking of that little stranger on a cover page.

Heroes are meant to appear on a cover page. Then what makes this boy a hero, I wanted to know? What if that boy is my son, will I walk away from him? What if that boy needs me to know what has happened to him? I can’t help from thinking of so many what ifs.

When ifs begin to stream into my mind, fear grips my heart. That moment I felt my heart taking twice it normal pace. I wanted something desperately, I wanted to go out torepparttar 136189 Newsstand and pick up that face staring at me.

I got torepparttar 136190 stand, but he was gone. The magazine was gone. It wasn’t sitting where I saw itrepparttar 136191 first time.

“ I saw a mag right here and it- its gone. It’s a TIME . Of a little boy.”

“I sold it.” The vendor said smiling.

I almost strangled him for that.

“Can I have a copy please?”

“ Sorry, it’s dated for September 13 2004. Don’t have another copy.”

He tried selling me a current edition. But I declined.

I could have ordered that same edition of that little boy if I had a credit card. I would simply go online; place an order for that old edition. But I can’t because I stay in that part of this planet where credit cards are like some UFO.

I tried other Newsstands but to no avail. That edition is sold out. All what these vendors are trying to do is sell me a current edition. I was left with no choice than to vanish intorepparttar 136192 rush crowd like every other person and try to come back to be who I am—A writer.

But instead of going back home to stare into my white screen monitor, I took a cab and went down torepparttar 136193 beach only to sit on a bench watchingrepparttar 136194 waves and thinking about that little boy who survivedrepparttar 136195 Beslan school siege in Russia.

After about an hour of living in oblivion, I heard a voice.

“Mind if I sit” she asked

I shook my head like I was being distracted by my girl friend while watching a football game. She sat beside me saying, thank you.

“I’m Helena Williams and you are?”

“Alfred, A.Z. Alfred” I took her hand as she says pleased to me you. I responded.

We sat in silence for say five minutes. And she broke it again

“I’m an editor of a local magazine”

“I’m a writer and a poet” I responded

“ I’m here to read through some mags. Just want to be away fromrepparttar 136196 office. I like doing it here from childhood with my mom. So, what are you doing here, thinking on a book or what? She asked pulling out some magazines from her big blue bag.

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