You just can't polish a turd!

Written by Gordon Rant

Maybe I'm getting cynical as I get older or possibly I just knowrepparttar smell ofrepparttar 146670 perfume coated turd that is "spin". It seems that if nothing else,repparttar 146671 government fully understandsrepparttar 146672 working of UK public's mind and utilises every tactic possible to dodge, divert or just plaster over some ofrepparttar 146673 most important liberty issues facingrepparttar 146674 people ofrepparttar 146675 UK.

People by nature are trusting of their state's authority and this trust is often abused. The UK government sanctioned and helped financerepparttar 146676 war in Iraq, inrepparttar 146677 public's name and withrepparttar 146678 public's purse. Other thanrepparttar 146679 obvious, one ofrepparttar 146680 major casualties ofrepparttar 146681 coalition wasrepparttar 146682 UN. Castratingrepparttar 146683 one organisation in a position to challenge any state with sinister ambitions was either a stupendous oversight or stroke of genius. Now any state can decide to act beyondrepparttar 146684 instruction of its UN peers and refer to past coalition action in its defence. Rejectingrepparttar 146685 democratic process onrepparttar 146686 one hand,repparttar 146687 coalition is happy to preach freedom and democracy torepparttar 146688 Arab States, Russia, North Korea and China.

The public's response torepparttar 146689 Prevention of Terrorism Bill earlier inrepparttar 146690 year met with limited interest. Prevention of Terrorism Bill in its original form amounted to a suspension of habeas corpus,repparttar 146691 right to a trial, which has been frozen only a handful of times since it was enshrined in English law in 1679. On one occasion when terrorist suspects were imprisoned without trial,repparttar 146692 innocent were deprived of their freedom, whilerepparttar 146693 terrorists were given a huge boost to recruitment. In Northern Ireland inrepparttar 146694 early 1970s,repparttar 146695 policy turned out to be a failure. See Darkening of a nation

More recentlyrepparttar 146696 government is proposingrepparttar 146697 removal of juries in some complex fraud trials. Onrepparttar 146698 face of it there seems to be good reason to debate this proposal in light ofrepparttar 146699 millions of pounds of tax payers money wasted when such cases collapse. However, removing juries in these trials crosses a line that should remain sacred if we wish to hold on to current principles of freedom, liberty and human rights. See Juries face axe in fraud trials

Irish History , Irish Politics ...

Written by Sharon O Suillibhan

Irish history , Irish politics : from today and yesterday - all 32 Counties ! After 830 years of conflict ,repparttar Irish quest for a trouble-free island continues . We have endured countless 'treaties' and 'agreements' , all of which have , to date , failed us . Some ofrepparttar 146604 stories

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