You do have a web site, don’t you?

Written by Alex Lekas

“Small business spending on Web hosting alone will top $7.4 billion by 2009.” -IDC

The rush is amongrepparttar late adopters torepparttar 146097 Internet, eager to put their businesses online. There are, of course, more numbers that go into greater detail about what businesses expect once they’re onrepparttar 146098 Web. They come from several research houses and their sum total can be dizzying: •The Kelsey Group reports that only half of America’s 20-million small businesses have an Internet presence. •IDC says that byrepparttar 146099 end ofrepparttar 146100 decade, nearly 80% of small firms will be online. •The Forrester Group finds that online sales have been growing by double digits forrepparttar 146101 past several years and will top $300 billion by 2010. •CMO Magazine reports that 92% of people who searched online for electronics actually bought from brick-and-mortar outlets.

What does all this mean for you? The halfway point ofrepparttar 146102 year is a good time to assessrepparttar 146103 performance of your company’s website and to take a hard look at what you really expect from it. Your web site is a digital reflection of your written business plan, and along with exposure to a global marketplace, it also lets you establish credibility or lose it with possible customers who are far away from your geographic location.

•Are you attracting visitors? Any number of folks smarter than me will be glad to take your money to optimize your site for better search engine results. Or, you could save some ofrepparttar 146104 cash and invest a bit your time in searching from a customer’s perspective. More than any expert, you should know who your customers are and how they think. View your product line from their perspective. What keywords would you use to find a business like yours? Test several combinations and compare results; also make a note of where your competitors rank. Check outrepparttar 146105 sites of those listed above you and see if they’re doing something you can incorporate. •Are you keeping visitors? Once on your site,repparttar 146106 information offered has to be relevant and it has to be easy to find. That means copy that gets torepparttar 146107 point, clean graphics and pictures, and easy navigation. Browsers won’t be impressed by a Flash movie on your home page; their children might be, but business people aren’t coming to be entertained. Even consumers who don’t buy things online userepparttar 146108 Internet as a research tool. From a consumer viewpoint, how easy is it to find relevant information? Isrepparttar 146109 information clear and concise? If it’s not, you’re losing business without even knowing it.

For small businesses,repparttar 146110 web isrepparttar 146111 ultimate equalizer, especially if your area does not have mass appeal. It offers exposure to millions that no other medium can reach forrepparttar 146112 cost. According to BusinessWeek, a marketer 25 years ago could have reached 80% ofrepparttar 146113 country by usingrepparttar 146114 three major television networks. Today, that same level of penetration would require buying time on 100 channels.

Multiple Income Streams Opportunity

Written by Rich Cardarelli

When I ran across CBmall, I knew I had found a program that hitsrepparttar nail onrepparttar 146064 head.

You can learn simple ways to make money online with CBmall, even if you don't have a web site or any experience.

Most affiliate programs have only one way you make money. You send them traffic, and they closerepparttar 146065 sale (hopefully).

The best of them will add another stream with some follow-up emails. That's much better.

But CBmall actually has 15 different ways to make you money.

This is one powerful revenue engine.

And here'srepparttar 146066 beautiful part. CBmall does virtually allrepparttar 146067 work. All you need to do is drive some traffic. The mall doesrepparttar 146068 rest.

The CB in CBmall stands for ClickBank. The mall sells thousands ofrepparttar 146069 top-selling, most popular products onrepparttar 146070 ClickBank network. These arerepparttar 146071 best ofrepparttar 146072 best. They got there because they convert browsers into buyers. And they are all available in one place. You getrepparttar 146073 power of this system by promoting one simple URL.

CBmall's automation is amazing:

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