You cannot make money online without unrelenting follow-up

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

If there's one thing I've learned in over 25 years in business, it'srepparttar importance of prospect follow-up. Without a program of systematic follow-up, you're significantly reducing your profit and may very well be threateningrepparttar 127477 overall success of your business. Follow-up is absolutely essential for business success.

But are you prepared to follow-up each and every prospect lead to ensure maximum success? I'll bet you aren't!

For years, I've been doing an informal study of business people's follow-up; what I've discovered confirms my opinion thatrepparttar 127478 vast majority of online business people are not following up, thereby leaving money onrepparttar 127479 table every single day. It's easy to see why follow up "slips throughrepparttar 127480 cracks."

Say you get a prospect today. Hopefully you email himrepparttar 127481 information he's requested. But without a systematic follow-up program in place, will you follow-up tomorrow when 1) you've got new prospects to contact and 2) you've got fires to put out all day long? Most likely essential follow up is abandoned. You're never going to be on top of your follow up either, because new prospects are constantly arriving. While all prospects need your attention, you're naturally going to focus onrepparttar 127482 newest people. Unfortunately for you, one major reason why people buy is because of follow up... and follow up is precisely what you're unable to do!

Does this all sound sadly familiar? It should! It'srepparttar 127483 way all too many business people do "business", online and off.

Shhhhhhh. LISTEN!

Written by Gloria Reibin

This time it was Tom Hanks' turn.

Bravo hosts a show called "Insiderepparttar Actor's Studio," which each week features an interview with a well known actor. No, you won't seerepparttar 127476 latest dirt hovering around their sexual life, or hear about their fight withrepparttar 127477 director. Instead you'll learn their insights onrepparttar 127478 craft of acting.

The Audience consists of students -- future writers, actors and directors -- currently enrolled inrepparttar 127479 Masters Program atrepparttar 127480 New School in New York City.

You can watchrepparttar 127481 show a hundred times with a hundred different actors. When asked byrepparttar 127482 moderator "What isrepparttar 127483 one piece of advice you can give to our students here?, they all sayrepparttar 127484 same thing. "Listen."

Listening isrepparttar 127485 key to success forrepparttar 127486 actor,repparttar 127487 director,repparttar 127488 writer.

Listening, too, isrepparttar 127489 key to success forrepparttar 127490 marketer.

Listening isrepparttar 127491 key to success forrepparttar 127492 human being.

"You convert yourself from a person who is pretending," Actor Hanks said "to a person who honestly is." Doesn't this remark apply to all areas of life?

What exactly is listening? Is it a function ofrepparttar 127493 ears? How many times have you had to ask "What did you say?" to someone afterrepparttar 127494 sound waves left their mouth, swept acrossrepparttar 127495 room or telephone and pounded on your eardrums? Isn't listeningrepparttar 127496 function ofrepparttar 127497 mind?

The actors will tell you that when they listen with their minds, they'll respond in a different and spontaneous way torepparttar 127498 other actors lines even though they already know what those lines will be! Listening involves taking inrepparttar 127499 face,repparttar 127500 body,repparttar 127501 environment ofrepparttar 127502 other person. Yes, it includes "listening" to body language.

More than one actor onrepparttar 127503 program like to tell stories about Jack Nicholson, a master at inducing spontaneity in his co-workers. No scene is ever playedrepparttar 127504 same twice -- even though his lines remain word for word.

Shirley MacLaine told about a scene in "Terms of Endearment" where Jack plays her neighbor. She knocks on his door; he opens it. Simple enough. But everytime she knocked, Jack would make sure that something unexpected would happen. One time he openedrepparttar 127505 door with a woman hanging onto his shoulder.

Directors need to listen (and that includes watching) their actors. They need to be attentive to everything happening onrepparttar 127506 set. They need to know when something is right and works and when something goes wrong. They need to listen to their photographer, their lighting people, their crew. Good directors sprouts eyes and ears in every part of their body.

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