You are a Diamond So Scrapbook About Yourself

Written by Fion Lim

As a devoted scrapper, you probably gain satisfaction from scrapbooking about others.

Oftentimes, you arerepparttar one glaring missing light in your scrapbook albums. Simply because you're so caught up with hiding behindrepparttar 138744 camera and being a fixated shutterbug. Either that or you're tied up scrapbooking about others that you missed out on scrapbooking about yourself.

Somehow, it's happening too frequently.

Ever thought about why you should take a step back and start scrapbooking about yourself? Ever wonder how scrapbooking about "you" could bring outrepparttar 138745 shine in you?

Come on, you are special, there's no way to deny it. Rare like a diamond. Just probably covered up in layers and needed some polishing to bring outrepparttar 138746 natural shine. And scrapbooking is a powerful method to revealrepparttar 138747 rareness in you.

There's so many glowing benefits to creating scrapbooks all about you:

1) Leaving Behind an Everlasting Legacy

Forrepparttar 138748 people who will never getrepparttar 138749 chance of meeting and knowing you, your scrapbooks about yourself will leave behind memories of you as a person. It's a mean of letting them discover and know about you.

I once read of a mother who was seized with terminal stage of cancer. In her final days, instead of resting, she struggled to put together scrapbook albums of herself. Why? Just so that her two very young toddlers will get to know aboutrepparttar 138750 mommy whom they'll never see in person again. The scrapbooks will be constant reminders torepparttar 138751 kids of their mommy's love for them and her thoughts about them.

It's a heart-wrenching story, but it's a wake up call that you don't have an eternity. You have to take steps now to make time to leave behind a part of who you are. Like they said, "You'll never know"...

2) Showingrepparttar 138752 World of You as an Individual

Yes, besides being known asrepparttar 138753 scrapbooker who so lovingly and tenderly put togetherrepparttar 138754 family scrapbooks, your children and present or future grandchildren would want to know how you look like. They'll wonder "How did Granny Kate look like when she's a baby? And what did she look like when she's a young woman?"

You're likely to haverepparttar 138755 same curiosity of your ancestors too. So do showcase your changing faces or appearances throughoutrepparttar 138756 years or decades. Come out from behind your camera, and ask or plead with someone else to take overrepparttar 138757 role ofrepparttar 138758 photographer.

You are important and you need to be in those pages.

3) Revealingrepparttar 138759 Real You

By scrapbooking, you'll immortalize a part of yourself in a permanent way. And through reading your journaling, others will get to know you in an intimate sort of way. You are granting them permission to be privy to your inner world of thoughts, which are usually hidden byrepparttar 138760 superficialities of your daily life. Your journaling will revealrepparttar 138761 authentic side of you that many may not haverepparttar 138762 privilege to know of otherwise.

Don'ts for Parents of Piano Students

Written by Emily Sigers

Don't be too eager to have your child progress rapidly in his music studies. Remember thatrepparttar student who is farthest advanced at eight or ten years of age will not necessarily be inrepparttar 138521 lead at fifteen.

Don't engage a teacher merely because he or she is a brilliant performer. It may well be that of two men or womenrepparttar 138522 less showy player isrepparttar 138523 better teacher.

Don't forget that, while it is a great mistake to select a teacher because he is cheap, it is just as serious an error to engage one merely because his price is high. It does not follow that he isrepparttar 138524 best available instructor.

Don't be too hasty about dismissing a new teacher because your child has expressed a dislike for him or her. It may be a temporary dislike, which will wear off in a short time. Onrepparttar 138525 other hand, don't insist on your child studying with a person for whom he has developed a permanent dislike.

Don't speak slightingly in your child's presence ofrepparttar 138526 person in whose hands you have placed his musical education. If you have any criticisms to make, it will be not only fairer, but also more effective, to bring them directly torepparttar 138527 teacher.

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