You Want To Quit, Think Again

Written by Michael Farley

You Want To Quit, Think Again By: Michael Farley copyright: 2004

I hear about so many people that give up on so many things before it even had a chance. Why did they even start? Did they research to see how long it would take for their project to blossom? Most likely they did not.

Let me briefly tell you a story. After High School I went immediately intorepparttar U.S. Marines. Aroundrepparttar 116889 Fifth week at Parris Island during bootcamp I wanted to quit. I went to my Senior Drill Instructor and to his face I said I wanted to go home. What he said and did duringrepparttar 116890 next 5 minutes changed me, Wellrepparttar 116891 entire 3 months of bootcamp changed me, LOL. Seriously though, He told me that he was not giving up on me cause I had more potential than anyone he had seen and he was going to forget we had that conversation. He refused to let me quit. I thought afterwards why had I given up, no one else had given up on me.

I gave up because I was looking atrepparttar 116892 now (the pain, homesick), You know allrepparttar 116893 negative things. Had I quit I would have missed out on so much in life. I traveled to 7 different countries. My college was paid for. I get many benefits as a veteran now, etc.

The same applies to your Online Business. We look atrepparttar 116894 now and quit. You think that no one is paying attention to what you have done so you quit. The website is shutdown and thanrepparttar 116895 advertising you did,repparttar 116896 people you thought were not paying attention and many others come to your site for your services and you are gone. The money you could have made, you now will not make. The extra time you could have spent with your family and on vacations will not happen. The financial freedom, being your own boss (what I call true freedom) will never be. Why? Because you quit way too early.

You ask well I have not made any money in six months what am I suppose to do? The answer .. Before you started you should have researched to see what kind of demand was in for your business. Set a schedule up for your business and stick to it. (ex. follow a daily schedule and set aside 1 hour for emails, 2 hours for advertising, etc.) The Internet is full of easy tools for building websites and you can find people that will help you. You have got to continue to advertise, build up an opt-in list. These people will become your support, customers and some may become your business partners through Joint Ventures. If you have did everything possible and still are not getting any sells. I would say take a close look at what you got and see what is wrong. Then nothing may be wrong it could just be your market and you should try looking into something else.

Take Advantage of the Internet Power

Written by A.M. Shelmani

The Internet has become a huge market place, andrepparttar recent explosion in online retailing and e-commerce prove it. Merchants now have access to a world wide consumer base (no longer limited by their geographical location). People have become comfortable buying onrepparttar 116888 Internet and are looking for products from all overrepparttar 116889 world 24 hours a day -- think ofrepparttar 116890 different time zones. The total number of Internet users now stands at about 500 million and it is estimated that byrepparttar 116891 year 2005, this number will triple. Imagine this number of people inrepparttar 116892 world as your prospect customers or e-customers to be precise. This is a very powerful concept!

Anyone with a computer and access torepparttar 116893 Internet with basic skills can setup a home based business and tap into this huge market and sell virtually anything they wanted right from their home or anywhere they have Internet access.

Many have taken advantage ofrepparttar 116894 Internet's power; they are working at home usingrepparttar 116895 Internet's many work at home opportunities. You don't have to quit your job to start your own home business.

So what e-business can you start? how much money is needed to start?

Before being a huge market place,repparttar 116896 Internet, since it's inception, isrepparttar 116897 place for Information. People surfrepparttar 116898 big net looking for Information even when they are looking for a product to buy online, they are looking for Information on that product before they buy it.

There are many home e-business ideas you can explore. It all depends on how much time and money you want to invest to start your own small e-business. The key is to start very small with as little money as possible. Anything come to mind? you got it; selling Information is a great idea that cost little to no money to prepare into an e-product and sell it.

Selling Information or e-products has many advantages. You won't need products to stock, no warehouse, no office space, no employees, no merchant accounts, no shipping (instant delivery), and you don't need to go open your store every day. You can go to work if you like and let your small e-business run virtually unattended. Selling e-products isrepparttar 116899 perfect fit forrepparttar 116900 Internet.

Your e-product can be inrepparttar 116901 form of e-book that is downloadable instantly or it can be inrepparttar 116902 form of membership based website where you set-up a protected directory with your HTML pages in it.

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