You Want To Know How? ... This Is How!

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

You Want To Know How? ... This Is How! By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online You know, starting an online home business is all about learning. It never ends, if you do it right. Things change, new and innovative ideas appear that replace old ones. You better get used to this now, if you want long-term success onrepparttar internet. Have you downloaded free ebooks, then never read them? Worse, have you PAID for information-packed ebooks, and never read them? This situation is more common than you would think. I'm sure you've heardrepparttar 117521 statistic that 95% of online businesses fail, right? Well, how much you want to bet that those 95% did exactly that. They didn't put inrepparttar 117522 time to learn. How did they expect to succeed? Or even get started? You have to enjoy learning new things to succeed at business. It has to be FUN for you. Don't kid yourself. If learning new

Not Making Any Progress? Write It Down

Written by Ken Leonard Jr.

Not Making Any Progress? Write It Down. By Ken Leonard Jr. 2002 KLJ Online Do you have a problem getting things done? Write it down. Can't find time to build your business? Write it down. Are you in a rut, not making any progress? Write it down. So, you have an idea of what you want to do, but you need help actually getting started, right? Making a habit of regularly writing down your goals will allow you to achieve your "ideas". Start by using a "to-do list" daily. As you scratch off each completed task, you are making progress. This feels great, and will create much needed momentum for your home-based business. Each Sunday, draw up a "plan of action" forrepparttar coming week. Prioritize this list to getrepparttar 117520 most important tasks done early inrepparttar 117521 week. This way, as your week progresses, you are on a "down-hill glide" instead of an "up-hill climb". Next is setting your monthly goals. Inrepparttar 117522 last week of every month, establish your plan forrepparttar 117523 month ahead, and be

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