You Need A Miracle? Build One, Everyday!

Written by Richard Vegas

Henry Ford, after he had achieved great success, wasrepparttar subject of much public criticism. Many people thought that he was very lucky, some thought he was a genius, some thought he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, some thought that powerful friends and influential people wererepparttar 117482 "secret" of his great success. Why some people even thought he was so mean, that once he found out there would not be any chocolate in heaven, he would decide not to go.

It's probably true some of these things were involved. Exceptrepparttar 117483 last one. But, there was something more about Henry Ford that only very few close friends and family knew. And, those few people didn't speak much about it because it was so embarrassing.

You want to know what it is? I thought you did. Read on. Henry Ford had a dream to build a gasoline engine with 8 cylinders in one block. His engineers told him it was impossible. He told them, build it anyway. They said, no way. He said, find a way.

After a full yearrepparttar 117484 engineers still had not developedrepparttar 117485 V-8 engine. Ford told them, I want it, and I'll have it…..Build it. Think about that.. A year. Some of us feel we just swamrepparttar 117486 English Channel if we spend fifteen minutes learning how to build a website. And then we walk around letting everyone know not to treat us any differently than they wouldrepparttar 117487 king. Yeah, right, you're hind……..ous!

Well, everyone knows what happened. The engine was built and became a very successful motor for Henry Ford. He had a goal and determination. Nothing was going to stop him; not even twelve months of all his engineers telling him it couldn't be done.


If you use it? If you have a simple goal and plan to get there you will achieve it. Some people have a goal and plan for awhile and when they encounter a setback, they lose faith in it.. They start out right, but some "bad" break comes and they start acting like they're a travel agent for guilt trips.

Don't let your attitude turn you into a has-been. If you allow set-backs to dampen your spirit it can cause you to put forth only half-hearted and very weak efforts in future endeavors. You just won't have that fire to try with a can-do attitude.

Learn or Burn!!

Some people just seem to have this Henry Ford type of mind-set allrepparttar 117488 time. Other people start off with a burst and then fizzle. The vast majority of people have never really learned what this kind of mind-set can do for them. Can it be learned? You bet!! It can be learned just like any other skill.

OH………It hurts so good!!

Internet breakthrough

Written by Pavel Lenshin

Enormous opportunity. This isrepparttar first thought coming to mind aboutrepparttar 117481 Internet. The only limits have implied byrepparttar 117482 physical world andrepparttar 117483 rules of nature. No country boundaries, no government regulations, no one-man power, fully unlimited market, immense business potential, unrestricted growth, space earnings and so on and so forth.

There are also a lot of fishy moments and some frightening things, due to "uncontrolled" nature ofrepparttar 117484 Internet like virus epidemics or violence propaganda. There will always be sick people who use Internet to spreadrepparttar 117485 "products" of their morbid conscience. The mankind should acknowledge that reality and do it best to counteractrepparttar 117486 negative influence, therefore creatingrepparttar 117487 perfect conditions forrepparttar 117488 unrestricted positive development and opportunities we will speak about.

To have clear understanding ofrepparttar 117489 opened opportunities andrepparttar 117490 world, we are happy to live in, let us briefly speak aboutrepparttar 117491 development ofrepparttar 117492 human society history.

The industrial revolution of previous centuries created a feeling of freedom to learn, to work and earn as much money as he or she could withinrepparttar 117493 limits ofrepparttar 117494 respective society. Before that happened a person who was born atrepparttar 117495 serf or slave family was unable to make his or her way into higher society, didn't posses any rights but one - to be exploited. Sorepparttar 117496 industrial revolution had cardinally changedrepparttar 117497 way people live granting themrepparttar 117498 mostly equal conditions to achieve their goal. Everyone was given a right to learn, apply for a job and earn what he or she deserves, despiterepparttar 117499 race, age or social status. That wasrepparttar 117500 dawn ofrepparttar 117501 high education and industrial manufactures which, hopefully, and how unordinary it would sound, comes to their dusk. Never before hadrepparttar 117502 average person been granted withrepparttar 117503 keys to satisfy their every need atrepparttar 117504 quickest time andrepparttar 117505 best quality.

It is clear now that Informational revolution has taken place. It is not some kind of virtual talks and philosophy about nothing that we hear allrepparttar 117506 time. Internet, beingrepparttar 117507 most important discovery ofrepparttar 117508 informational era, provides every living person with tools he hardly could imagine and clearly realize.

Speaking closely aboutrepparttar 117509 wealth as a target every person would like to achieve let's draw a simple example. Consider you were born inrepparttar 117510 average or poor family which arerepparttar 117511 majority inrepparttar 117512 past and, unfortunately, inrepparttar 117513 modern world also, despiterepparttar 117514 fact thatrepparttar 117515 standards of living skyrocketed and what is thought to be "average" now whererepparttar 117516 dream ofrepparttar 117517 wealth even a 30 years ago. Let us also assume your goal in life is to achieve complete financial freedom.

If your birth had happened inrepparttar 117518 agricultural era,repparttar 117519 only future you would have is to continue living your parents' life working 15 hours a day forrepparttar 117520 landowner.

The older generation of our days had more freedom to decide where to go and what to achieve enjoyingrepparttar 117521 results of industrial revolution. These steps are necessary comprising education, including high education, without which a financial success would be questionable, getting a job or establishing a business with other enthusiasts. The life flows under industrial "society" are also "local". The business is usually run atrepparttar 117522 place or settlementrepparttar 117523 person lives in. It doesn't actually matter what size of market it occupies, what does matter is that is still has it's own physical boundaries which couldn't be overcome. The possibilities of business growth were also limited by desire of people inhabited this or that settlement, to purchaserepparttar 117524 product or service being sold. Thereforerepparttar 117525 net profits of such a business directly depended onrepparttar 117526 number of people or size ofrepparttar 117527 marketrepparttar 117528 company served. Needless to say it takes long years of everyday work to achieve some satisfactory results. The financial freedom under these conditions had quite foggy look, but still there was at least a chance to achieve it for ordinary people.

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