You Might Be Pregnant If....

Written by Alli Ross

Your breasts are now twice their normal size.

One ofrepparttar early trademarks of pregnancy are sensitive, sore breasts. This is caused by an increase inrepparttar 137857 level of hormones. However, this too will pass. Once your rising hormone levels have stabilized and your body adjusts,repparttar 137858 tenderness will diminish. You should be feeling much better afterrepparttar 137859 first trimester.

The monthly visitor has failed to visit.

This actually isn't one ofrepparttar 137860 best signals that you may be pregnant. You may have some spotting due to implantation bleeding (although this is uncommon). Most women notice other symptoms before this one comes along. A pregnancy test is usually your best bet.

You suddenly crave apples and pretzels (or any other unusual food for that matter).

Many women claim to crave certain foods during pregnancy. Food aversions are also very common. You may want to take a pregnancy test if your favorite food no longer lingers for your attention.

Your mornings are often spent overrepparttar 137861 toilet bowl (morning sickness strikes again).

A look at Tooth Whiteners

Written by Ryan Fyfe

All we see on television inrepparttar movies is bright white smiles. Withrepparttar 137803 release of several overrepparttar 137804 counter teeth whitening products overrepparttar 137805 past few years, it can be hard to know which one is going to give yourepparttar 137806 Hollywood smile that you dream about.

Whitening Toothpastes Whitening toothpastes generally cost between $2-$10. Several studies have been done on these toothpastes to see if they really can whiten your teeth just while you brush. Studies have shown that you they can help a bit, and also thatrepparttar 137807 same results can be achieved with normal toothpastes with a little extra brushing every day. The simple fact is thatrepparttar 137808 toothpastes doesn’t sit on your teeth for long enough to actually bleach any discoloring that is present.

Bleaching Trays Bleaching trays are usually obtained through a dentist. What happens is thatrepparttar 137809 dentist will take an impression of your teeth, and make a mold. You will then have to wear that mold with bleaching solution in it for a certain amount of time each day. Experts all agree that this isrepparttar 137810 most effective method howeverrepparttar 137811 price is more than most people are willing to pay. Bleaching trays can cost between $300-$2000. If this is a method you are interesting in I would recommend talking to your dentist for more information.

Overrepparttar 137812 Counter There are several brands of overrepparttar 137813 counter whiteners. The two largest ones that I am familiar with are Crest Whitestrips, and Colgate Night Effects. Both of these products work in a similar way although have completely different application. Crest Whitestrips are small plastic strips, that you rap aroundrepparttar 137814 upper and bottom sections of your teeth. The bleaching solution is on one side ofrepparttar 137815 strip, and rests along your teeth while you wearrepparttar 137816 strips. You must wearrepparttar 137817 product twice a day for 30minutes for two weeks.

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