You May Need A Coach To Get You Where You Want To Be

Written by Allan Katz

Do I need a coach to help me get where I want to be?

by Allan Katz

What do you mean by coaching? Coaching is an alliance two or more people have to identify, set, plan for and attain a specific goal or goals. Coaches work on any issues or challenges that seem to be standing inrepparttar way of achievement. Coaches help you identify what is working for you in your life and build those strengths. They identify what is not working or where there is room for improvement in any particular scenario and develop a strategy for change.

Where did life and business coaching come from? Business, career and personal coaching takes it's identity from sports coaching. Top sports people have always got to their peak and been kept there by a coach who believes in their potential and holds them accountable for what they say they want to achieve.

What does coaching do? Coaching helps you closerepparttar 102054 gap between where you are and where you want to be personally and professionally. It enables you to identify your choices and set your goals. It supplies you withrepparttar 102055 tools and encouragement to shape your future and weave your dreams intorepparttar 102056 fabric of your life.

Is coaching therapy? No. Therapy mainly deals with healingrepparttar 102057 past. Coaching is about enhancingrepparttar 102058 present and planningrepparttar 102059 future. Coaching uses information fromrepparttar 102060 client's past to clarify whererepparttar 102061 client is today.

Aiding Angry Allies

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

You may have seen this inrepparttar Bible;

"Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered..." *

Fairly obvious advice, since we all know that an angry person can become violent and hurt us. We have learned overrepparttar 102053 last decade or two that an abuser or criminal has often a submerged anger.

But how many of us can recognize latent or hidden anger in an individual? Is it possible to spot repparttar 102054 signs and avoid becoming too close to an angry friend?

Lets skip backwards, spin around three times and see if we don't land back atrepparttar 102055 beginning where anyone first picks up a deep, unresolved anger.

Isn't it when someone disappoints us so hard, or doesn't measure up to promises or expectation, that we get that first gash to our spirit? If it happened to us as a child, we somehow don't sense permission to get angry over our disappointment, so we submerge it. Or we may be old enough to reason whyrepparttar 102056 promise really wasn't coming to us, orrepparttar 102057 other person had every right to hurt us.

But that gash has been made, It doesn't follow that reasoning. Untreated, it festers and grows maggots.

Time passes, we grow older and we go on to other things. That gash eventually grows a scab over it. However, it is forever touchy, and if anything or anyone resemblingrepparttar 102058 original weapon which axed it comes near, all our spiritual nerves tingle, ready to take flight or to fight.

Those people who turn into physical hulks, or are confident in some other aspect of life, are likely to fight. It isrepparttar 102059 old wound lashing back, and we call it an angry outburst.

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