You Just Sell Some Ebooks Don't You?

Written by Stephen Richards

It's easy isn't it? Well I thought it was when I started my Online Bookstore.....

I figured if you build it they will come, well I got them to come, but I forgot to get them to buy anything.

So what'srepparttar answer? Now it's not all doom and gloom, but lets be realistic, it's not easy.

Lets look atrepparttar 146114 challenges and thenrepparttar 146115 solutions will become apparent as we go.

The first problem isrepparttar 146116 competition, if you sell books you are up againstrepparttar 146117 likes of Amazon and if you sell eBooks you are up against literally thousands of sites.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble andrepparttar 146118 other big dogs sell acrossrepparttar 146119 spectrum and they buy in bulk and sell cheap. You really can't compete with them.

So how do you sell books competing with these guys? The simplest solution is not to compete against these guys, sounds crazy doesn't it, but it's true. Pick an area that you have some knowledge of and then specialize in that area.

Maybe you have a dog that you take to agility or fly ball classes or competitions. You use your knowledge of this area to locate books and ebooks onrepparttar 146120 subject and then create a specialist website, a "niche site" to sell them from.

The next problem is advertising, email isn't dead no matter what you hear. But it is much harder to get your email read by those you send it too. Spam filters are a necessary evil but they can starve a business of cheap advertising.

The easiest way around that is to create a demand for information and then use that demand to obtain email addresses from your potential customers. This could be through a regular newsletter or by providing an eBook in exchange forrepparttar 146121 email information. If you are up to it you could write your own eBook to offer, that wayrepparttar 146122 information is unique.

If you do that, then you will be put inrepparttar 146123 readers "white list", that way they will get your email and better still, read it.

Then there is traffic, you need thousands of visitors and you need them to come because they want to, not because they are tricked into coming.

Real Estate Feasibility Study - $1.2 Billion Developer Tells You How To Do One

Written by Colm Dillon

Without completing one you will not be able to apply to a Lender for development finance – that makes it pretty important.

There are two sides: The Cost Side & The Income Side.

I am going to concentrate in this article on The Cost Side.

Having told you that a feasibility study is vital when applying for finance, it is however, just another cog inrepparttar wheel ofrepparttar 146113 property development process.

To help you come to grips withrepparttar 146114 term, feasibility study, it might help you if I call it a, Financial Analysis, of allrepparttar 146115 costs and income revenue that tell you if your development will produce a profit.

Where To Start?

When you are atrepparttar 146116 very beginning of preparing a feasibility study – I mean when you are just thinking about buyingrepparttar 146117 land on which you propose to develop a building, your initial cost figures are liable to be a bit ‘rubbery.’

They’re general – they are not exact and can’t be exact, because all you know atrepparttar 146118 beginning isrepparttar 146119 ‘asking price ofrepparttar 146120 land.’

Hopefullyrepparttar 146121 land cost will be less thanrepparttar 146122 asking price after you completerepparttar 146123 buying negotiation. Can you see that there is going to be a difference in just that first item ofrepparttar 146124 feasibility study – land cost?

OK – if you accept that, you’ll also accept thatrepparttar 146125 associated land costs will also vary. Items like conveyance costs, legal charges, stamp duty, adjustment of utility charges and other costs.

That should demonstrate to you that a feasibility study goes through several stages.

The first stage uses figures that arerepparttar 146126 ‘best’ figures you have available atrepparttar 146127 time. The last stage is when all your cost figures are firm and final.

But as you are only atrepparttar 146128 stage of deciding to buyrepparttar 146129 land or not, you figures are "general and loaded with safety" – in dollar terms.

Let’s be clear about what I mean here. Forrepparttar 146130 land cost you would userepparttar 146131 full asking price and allrepparttar 146132 associated costs, at full calculation for your initial entry inrepparttar 146133 feasibility study. Then if you negotiated a lower price you are safe.

If you first feasibility study shows a satisfactory profit return forrepparttar 146134 risk of doingrepparttar 146135 development, you will proceed and gain legal control ofrepparttar 146136 land.

Well, to gain control, you must have concluded a negotiation onrepparttar 146137 land sale price – so you have now “firmed up” on one ofrepparttar 146138 cost items. Hopefully it is lower than, orrepparttar 146139 same asrepparttar 146140 figure you allowed inrepparttar 146141 feasibility study.

Inrepparttar 146142 first feasibility study you will allowed a figure forrepparttar 146143 fees ofrepparttar 146144 design consultants.

People likerepparttar 146145 architect,repparttar 146146 engineer and so on. Well now you have to engage them to createrepparttar 146147 initial design for you and again this is a negotiation that will either be within your feasibility study allowance or not.

The next major item in your feasibility study will berepparttar 146148 constructions cost.

If your development comprises ten town homes, that are aimed atrepparttar 146149 luxury end ofrepparttar 146150 owner occupier market, your market knowledge may tell you that you should allow $180,000 per to town home or $1.8 million to build all ten.

Your design team will have to design well within those cost parameters and afterrepparttar 146151 initial design is complete in preliminary format, you will need to get a few master builders to give you a price.

If you are well withinrepparttar 146152 $1.8 million, then you may decide to leaverepparttar 146153 $1.8 million figure in your feasibility study. This would be smart ifrepparttar 146154 buider's figure was say, $1.7 million.

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