You Have To Try This Workout

Written by Ryan Cote

I've tried many forms of exercise: weightlifting, martial arts, swimming, running and so on. But there's one form of exercise I started doing about 3 months ago that's proved to be an unbelievable workout....


Now I don't mean with sparring gear on, getting hit inrepparttar head. I'm referring to either using a punching bag by yourself, or punching mitts with a training partner. The workout is exhausting and also somewhat of a stress reliever.

I use Everlast gear because their products hold up. We do three intense 2-minutes rounds each with sit ups in between...I'm telling you, what a workout!

These are purely my recommendations based on past experiences:

Do you Hate doing Cardio?

Written by Ryan Cote

I'm very much into health and fitness, but I hate doing cardio- I dread it. When I'm working out inrepparttar gym, I find myself trying to justify not doing it. But inrepparttar 135382 end, I know that cardio is important...

A turning point for me was when I recently came across an article in one ofrepparttar 135383 health newsletters I subscribe to. It spoke about how short, but intense cardio sessions have many health benefits. It strengthens your heart, improves your health....and doesn't damage your body like long cardio sessions potentially can (meaning hurt knees, strained ligaments, etc.)

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