You Have A Great Idea, Now How Do You Sell It?

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

How well you sell your ideas is just as important as how good those ideas are.

So, let's get started. How do you sell your ideas?

1. Strategic Positioning 2. Savvy Psychology 3. Slick Presentation 4. Structural Persuasion 5. Solvingrepparttar Problem

Of course I can't give you a complete course in this article, but I can supply you with enough knowledge to become a dangerous adversary in your battle to be heard.

1. Strategic Position:

To sell an idea you must have a strategy. Before you begin defining your selling idea, you must create and define a strategy. Your strategy could be as simple as this; "Our strategy is to gain awareness ofrepparttar 127429 dangerous effects that radon presents torepparttar 127430 public and to offer a free detection device. On discovery ofrepparttar 127431 danger, we offer a 1-800 number onrepparttar 127432 detection device to sell our abatement service to effected clients". Or your strategy could be a complex and diverse plan of attack including TV, Radio, Newspaper and Internet Advertising Campaigns. Whatever your strategy may be,repparttar 127433 most important is that you believe in it. If you don't believe in your selling strategy, you have a poor chance in convincingrepparttar 127434 client to believe in it.

2. Savvy Psychology:

Selling an idea in any form really comes down to "talking to people". Think about how they feel when they read, see and/or listen to your selling idea. The principle of writing up a good selling idea is inrepparttar 127435 presentation. Learn to involve others in your selling idea and presentation. Test your ideas out on friends, family and peers involved in your industry. Listen to what they have to say. They will often have very valuable input and will help to make your selling idea better.

Pay close attention torepparttar 127436 psychology of your client. You client will have one question in mind, "What's in it for me"? Understanding that one point alone can berepparttar 127437 difference between success and failure. You need to gain insight into howrepparttar 127438 client will feel and react to your presentation. This is Savvy Psychology in action!

3. Slick Presentation:

A good presentation makes people want to read, watch or listen to what you have to say. Presentation (other than audio alone) requiresrepparttar 127439 joint effort of two distinct facets. One isrepparttar 127440 actual copy;repparttar 127441 other isrepparttar 127442 layout and graphics. One is an integral part ofrepparttar 127443 other. Presentation of a selling idea is not unlike presenting a play. Writing and presenting it is like writing a script and staging it. It requires a believable script, rehearsal and timing. Layout and graphics are more important now than ever. The client can often fight backrepparttar 127444 words, but visual stimulation is an unconscious reaction and a strong selling tool. A great layout and a good storyboard will make your client want to "do"repparttar 127445 presentation.

Hardcore Sales Vs. The Relationship Part II: Building A Relationship With Your Prospect!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

I would like to discuss some ofrepparttar positives and negatives of sales and how they relate to relationship building. I would also like explain how you can go about starting to build a solid vendor-client relationship, and what pitfalls to avoid inrepparttar 127428 process.

DON'T ever give your prospective clientrepparttar 127429 feeling of "This person is just here to sell me something" or conveying evenrepparttar 127430 smallest inkling that portrays "Selling".

DO always "help" your client arrive atrepparttar 127431 fact that your are here to provide a service or product that they want and need. You are not there to sell; you are there to help.

DON'T go intorepparttar 127432 "Salesperson Overdrive". There are many of you out there, including myself, that must fightrepparttar 127433 urge to SELL or to Dominaterepparttar 127434 prospect. Whether you know it or not, you are setting yourself (andrepparttar 127435 prospect) up for that final decision, "Yes Or No, What Will It Be"? You end up inrepparttar 127436 situation which most of us despise, "The Sell".

Your entire Business Persona should be a Soft Persuasion. This means that you never try to make your prospect see things your way, It's quiterepparttar 127437 opposite actually. Soft Persuasion is inrepparttar 127438 Packaging. It'srepparttar 127439 way you package your company, yourself and your product or service. I don't meanrepparttar 127440 box it comes in. When I speak of packaging, I meanrepparttar 127441 way you portray your company and yourself. It should be a positive and confident portrayal, not an overbearing one.

Hard Persuasion too often comes back to bite you inrepparttar 127442 ass. Hard Persuasion separates you from your prospect, moving them away from you. Nobody likes to be bullied, and that's what Hard Persuasion orrepparttar 127443 Hard Sell comes down to. No matter how nicely you do it, you are bullying them into seeing things your way. This is not to say that there are not some of you who can make this work, but for most of usrepparttar 127444 Hard Sell Close is a feat that is beyond our capabilities. This is because we are business professionals and technical experts, not seasoned sales people.

Approach your prospect as if they are already a client. Assume this because they truly need your service, not because you want to makerepparttar 127445 sale. How you see and treat your prospective client is how they will see themselves. Perception is a strong tool to be used wisely.

Cover allrepparttar 127446 details before they can become potential problems inrepparttar 127447 closing ofrepparttar 127448 sale. Covering allrepparttar 127449 details can help you avoid being pulled into an objection contest. Always maintainrepparttar 127450 one-to-one Relationship. Once you move outside of that circle and separate yourself fromrepparttar 127451 prospect, it's almost impossible to get back. You have removed yourself from their domain of trust torepparttar 127452 domain of a salesperson. Crossing this line even once will cause your prospect to mistrust you and see you as a salesperson, not a service provider.

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