You Have A Beautiful Body - Don't Hold It Against Me

Written by Martin Avis

You have built a great fast-loading web site. Your gifs and jpgs are optimized to their tiniest proportions. Your initial headline is perfect and all navigation bars and buttons are clear and accessible. So what else can go wrong?

Your visitors start to read.

Within two lines they are bored to tears and click away. Your body copy stinks.

Your web site is an advertisement. Whatever its purpose, a web site is selling something:

o Selling you o Selling product o Selling an idea or concept o Selling a dream

Take a look inrepparttar paper, or a magazine. Which ads do you read? The ones that engage you. The ones that intrigue you, or excite you, or interest you.

The headline is likerepparttar 134747 book's cover - it draws them in. The body copy is what makes them stay and buy in to whatever it is you are selling.

Body copy must be

- Personal - Friendly - Accessible - Torepparttar 134748 point - Easy to read - Benefit driven - Empathetic - Convincing - Persuasive

Take a look at a few ofrepparttar 134749 sites run by big Internet marketing names - Marlon Sanders, Cory Rudl, Ken Evoy for example - and you will see how body copy should be written.

Do you need to be a world-class copywriter? Well yes. But that isn't so hard. Here's how.

Internet Tip - Honor Your Viewers

Written by Maria Marsala

If you own a web site, you never know who has saved a page from your site to their favorites file (bookmarked it). It might be your home page, a great article, or a terrific resource. And since you don't know, every time you remove a page, you runrepparttar risk of people getting that annoying "page not found" error when they click on their favorites link.

You can always find out later how many visits your "removed pages" have had by viewing your site statistics and examining your error log (if you have one)-but by then its maybe too late.

When you remove a page, honor your viewers by providing them with an option. Takerepparttar 134746 page you want to remove and turn it into a redirected page. Redirect it to your home page or another page on your site that contains similar information. How do you do this? Let me give you an example.

I had a page on my site called The information originally on that page is no longer useful, so I removed it and insertedrepparttar 134747 HTML code below. Now when someone goes torepparttar 134748 old page, they are "redirected" to another page. Try it The HTML code I used onrepparttar 134749 page below for you to view.or use. The number "2" inrepparttar 134750 "meta tag" representsrepparttar 134751 number of seconds it will take to redirectrepparttar 134752 page. Change this number as you see fit. The "meta tag" information takesrepparttar 134753 page directly to another page (in this case contest.html). I userepparttar 134754 other information "just in case"repparttar 134755 meta tag redirect doesn't work. It givesrepparttar 134756 viewerrepparttar 134757 option of tapping on a link to move directly torepparttar 134758 redirected page. Your webmaster would also have to removerepparttar 134759 dot I put into each ofrepparttar 134760 HTML tags below. (If I didn't add them here, you wouldn't be able to viewrepparttar 134761 code below).

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