You Deserve a Love Like This

Written by Rinatta Paries

I once participated in a small workshop on public speaking. Each of us was presented withrepparttar goal of deeply connecting with all eight attendees. We were to speak fromrepparttar 131367 heart on a specific topic, andrepparttar 131368 audience was to connect back withrepparttar 131369 speaker. And whilerepparttar 131370 workshop was indeed interesting, what really grabbed my attention was a married couple who also participated in it. These two demonstratedrepparttar 131371 type of love connection we all deserve.

Bothrepparttar 131372 husband and wife made a definite connection with everyone inrepparttar 131373 room when it was their individual turn to speak. Asrepparttar 131374 husband began his speech, he looked at his wife inrepparttar 131375 audience and magic happened. His eyes darkened. They filled with a mixture of profound love, passion and gratitude for her. He breathed deeper. He stood straighter. He became even more present.

It was as thoughrepparttar 131376 admiration and love he saw in his wife's eyes fed himrepparttar 131377 strength and permission to be more present; as if she saw him and accepted him so completely that acceptance from everyone else was a given.

When it was his wife's turn to speak,repparttar 131378 same thing happened between them. This time, he fed her with acceptance and delight in her. And she in turn, havingrepparttar 131379 permission, could be fully herself in front of a group of strangers.

These two were ordinary people, both young, perhaps in their early 30's. She is a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old. He is a working professional. Butrepparttar 131380 love, connection and acceptance between them is nothing ordinary.

What they have is true love. Notrepparttar 131381 passion that ignites at first sight and hurls two people intorepparttar 131382 drama of a shaky relationship. Notrepparttar 131383 comfort of some couples, having been together for many years, no longer seeing or caring much about each other. Notrepparttar 131384 thrill of two people having an affair behind their partners' backs. This couple is truly in love.

Overcoming Anxiety

Written by Robert Elias Najemy

Overcoming Anxiety

Robert Elias Najemy

In order to createrepparttar healthy, happy and harmonious reality we all desire, we will need to create emotional harmony.

This process can be divided into six basic steps:

1. Recognize our emotions. 2. Accept them as they are. 3. Release them when necessary. 4. Understand how they are created. 5. Transformrepparttar 131365 negative ones through understanding and create more positive ones. 6. Transcend them.

Here we will present a short profile of some ofrepparttar 131366 basic emotions. We have developed specific questionnaires for understanding each one.

As this book would have become prohibitively large if we included them here, those who are seriously seeking to understand themselves can download these questionnaires from our web site at (for members ? but membership is free)

Answering those questions will help you discover how those emotions are created and how you might transform them.


Anxiety and worry, although obviously forms of fear, have become so common that it is worth looking at them separately.

Anxiety often concernsrepparttar 131367 factors of time and results. We are anxious because we fear that we will not have enough time to complete all that we have planned, or thatrepparttar 131368 result will not be successful, perfect or acceptable torepparttar 131369 others.

We worry often forrepparttar 131370 same reasons, but also when we fear something may not turn out as we hope. That "something" may concern ourselves, our children, or our parents or spouse, which of course, ultimately, through our attachment to these people, has to do with ourselves.

We learn to worry as children, and this becomes a habit causing us to search for issues to be anxious or worrisome about, even when there is nothing really important enough to merit such a concern.

We may wonder at times why our mind thinks so much about a particular matter, creating anxiety and worry, when in reality that matter is not so important to us.

Anxiety and worry contain a feeling of danger, that we are unable to achieve what we want or protect ourselves from others or events. It is a form of self-doubt and lack of faith in ourselves, others andrepparttar 131371 Divine Laws ofrepparttar 131372 universe.

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