You Can Write The Ticket To Your Success

Written by Dave Cole

What isrepparttar greatest Job inrepparttar 117568 world?

Working for yourself, setting your own hours, going to bed and getting up when you want, living where you want, no boss barking on your back, no time clock to punch in, no rush hour traffic, doing something satisfying and rewarding with your life, helping others attain their dreams, and knowing you are creating a financial security for your family and your children.

Does all that sound likerepparttar 117569 details of your dream job?

Well there are thousands upon thousands of "lucky" folks out there doing that right now. Those people understand there's no "real" security in working for someone else. They prefer to create their own future and then do something about it.

Those people aren't any luckier, or smarter, or work harder than you - they just know more about and then utilizerepparttar 117570 power of duplication in creating financial security andrepparttar 117571 life they dream of.

And you know one ofrepparttar 117572 neatest things about network marketing?

You don't need to have any experience to start!

In fact theres a lot of "super salesmen" that have tried it and failed. Reason why ==> They're not teachable.

They "already" know it all and end up failing.

My brother coaches Junior High football. Rob would much rather take a kid that doesn't know anything about football and coach him than some kid who played Midget Football and learnedrepparttar 117573 wrong way to dorepparttar 117574 fundamentals.

Couple of years ago my son Karl went out for Rob's team. Karl had never played football, in fact he never even played in a sandlot pick up game. He knew almost nothing about playing football.....but he had a desire to play and he was teachable.

Rob taught him how to play withrepparttar 117575 correct fundmentals. They played 7 games that year and Karl was a starter on offense and defense, played great ball, and in fact even caught 3 touchdown passes.

It'srepparttar 117576 same in network marketing. I would much rather have a person with a true desire, a passion, and someone who knows nothing but wants to learn than some hotshot who already knows it all.

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Network marketing is about sharing - Not selling.

The #1 Reason More People Donít Succeed in Their Home Business

Written by Danny Gamache

Most of you know ofrepparttar potential ofrepparttar 117567 home-based business industry. Most of you know that there is significant money to be made and that many people are making huge incomes. You know that this isrepparttar 117568 best way to create a second source of income, and even a primary source of life-time wealth. You also know that there is likely no other way to create such a significant residual income unless you are a famous actor, author or singer. And yet, despite this knowledge only a small portion of people who get involved in a home business ever seerepparttar 117569 success they are dreaming about. Why?

Probably most important reason why more people donít succeed is that they are unwilling to get out of their comfort zone. Everyone one has a set lifestyle, a set of habits and patterns that they are comfortable with. You have a set group of friends, set type of foods you like, even a set place to sit and relax that just feel comfortable. These are all things that make up your comfort zone. For most peoplerepparttar 117570 skills that are necessary to build a successful home business are not something we do every day and as such are not in our comfort zone. These are skills such as making phone calls, giving presentations and training others.

To demonstraterepparttar 117571 power of your comfort zone we will do an exercise. STOP right here and do this exercise before you go on any further. The exercise is simple. Take off your watch, and put it on your other wrist Ė go ahead do it Ė now!

Strange isnít it! If you are like me evenrepparttar 117572 process of doingrepparttar 117573 watch up onrepparttar 117574 opposite wrist was difficult. In fact as I try to type here every letter feels strange because my watch is onrepparttar 117575 wrong wrist! Now I challenge you to where it this way for at least one day. As you go throughrepparttar 117576 day youíll notice that you eventually adapt dorepparttar 117577 difference. Eventually you donít even think aboutrepparttar 117578 fact that your watch is onrepparttar 117579 wrong wrist. In other words your comfort zone has been expanded!

By now you should realize how powerfulrepparttar 117580 comfort zone is in your life. In order to try anything knew you need to step out of your comfort zone. Think of trying some exotic food forrepparttar 117581 first time. There was likely some apprehension in trying it, a little nervousness perhaps? This is because you need to get out of your comfort zone to try that food Ė if you donít get nervous trying new food then its because you have made trying need food in and of itself part of your comfort zone.

Next think back torepparttar 117582 first day onrepparttar 117583 job. Chances are you were a little scared, and certainly apprehensive aboutrepparttar 117584 new change. But what happened over time? Well you got familiar with what you had to do, you performedrepparttar 117585 job day after day, and eventually it likely became second nature to you. Basically it became part of your comfort zone.

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