You Can Write Ezine Articles If You Can Write Three Sentences

Written by Brian Moore

You say you can't write. You're afraid you don't haverepparttar savvy to put your thoughts into written words. I want to ease those fears by showing you a way to overcome that hurdle and start your writing career today.

Bear with me as I demonstrate a writing technique of two United States presidents. The content ofrepparttar 129916 excerpts that follow have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm trying to show you. Butrepparttar 129917 three paragraphs when looked at sentence by sentence do have one thing in common.

See if you can discoverrepparttar 129918 similarity of each example. Never mindrepparttar 129919 words and that they were written by highly educated, famous men. Look only atrepparttar 129920 structure of each paragraph.

"THE WORLD is very different now. For man holds in his mortal handsrepparttar 129921 power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yetrepparttar 129922 same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue aroundrepparttar 129923 globe--the belief thatrepparttar 129924 rights of man come not fromrepparttar 129925 generosity ofrepparttar 129926 state, but fromrepparttar 129927 hand of God."

John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address Friday, January 20, 1961

"THE MONEY changers have fled from their high seats inrepparttar 129928 temple of our civilization. We may now restore that temple torepparttar 129929 ancient truths. The measure ofrepparttar 129930 restoration lies inrepparttar 129931 extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit."

Franklin D. Roosevelt First Inaugural Address Saturday, March 4, 1933

Okay, what inrepparttar 129932 world am I talking about? Here's how to find out. Open a word processing file and do this little exercise.

For each paragraph, type these headings:

"Topic Sentence" "1." "2."

Then copy and pasterepparttar 129933 first sentence of each passage afterrepparttar 129934 heading "Topic Sentence". Finally, placerepparttar 129935 second sentence after number 1 andrepparttar 129936 third sentence after number 2.

Can you see a simple pattern developing? Notice that each paragraph has only three sentences. The first isrepparttar 129937 topic sentence, orrepparttar 129938 main idea, andrepparttar 129939 next two are supporting sentences.

Now, get out a blank sheet of paper and write our three headings, leaving a little space between them. Then do this little exercise.

Write for your topic sentence, "I like to do these two things in my spare time." For number one write," First, I like to..." And for number two, write, "Second, I like to..."

My Publication

Written by Bob Osgoodby

So you've listened torepparttar advice, and you're going to start your own publication. Obviously, you must have some writing ability, or collaborate with someone who does, and you must be knowledgeable inrepparttar 129914 areas you will cover in your ezine.

One ofrepparttar 129915 biggest mistakes a fledgling publisher can make is to focus their publication on something they don't know much about. While it is possible to get content from contributing authors, which does add a great deal to your publication, if you are to succeed, you must have original content.

Many people can write an occasional article that is excellent. Writing an article or column however on a regular basis, is a demanding task. But some folks like Rozey Gean at: and Larry Dotson at: have foundrepparttar 129916 secret to doing just this.

The hardest thing is to get ideas for articles. It seems that once you do get an idea,repparttar 129917 article then flows rather easily.

So, where do you getrepparttar 129918 ideas?

Actually ideas can come from anyplace. Many come from questions your readers might ask. Sometimes a simple question can blossom into a full blown article. Email you receive, even spam, can contain a keyword that sets your creative juices flowing.

Browsingrepparttar 129919 web is a great place. Discussion sites, where people are talking about something might give you an idea. Many times people get into rather heated discussions andrepparttar 129920 controversy itself might breed an idea.

Articles by other authors can stimulate your thinking, but you have to be careful here. While we all know you can't take another's work and claim it as your own, you also can't take their idea and simply rewrite it a bit. There is a gray area here, and sometimes you may be taken to task even if you have never seen their work.

I once had someone say I did a rewrite of their article. When informed of this byrepparttar 129921 author, I did checkrepparttar 129922 article in question, andrepparttar 129923 articles bore very little, if any similarity to each other. But both articles did haverepparttar 129924 same title however, which happened to be a common business term. So even if you are acting in good faith, it can come back to "bite you".

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