You Can Write Ads Too

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

by Raymond Johnston Jr.

The art of writing advertisements is something most people think they don't possess. I hear so many people say that they don't possessrepparttar ability to create ads that get results. The proverb that writers are born and not created takes overrepparttar 101243 thought pattern. I'm telling you to put those thoughts aside and open your eyes and your mind.

If you are inrepparttar 101244 business of Internet marketing, you probably read many advertisements each week. If you haverepparttar 101245 desire to improve your ad writing abilities, takerepparttar 101246 time and look at other ads. Don't just skim over them and dismiss them. Actually takerepparttar 101247 time and study which ads grab your attention. Take those that are appealing and copy them to a file.

Set aside some time and look at those ads that caught your attention. Look at each individual ad and see what part of that ad grabbed your attention. Make a list ofrepparttar 101248 points that were appealing to you and things that you feel would catchrepparttar 101249 attention of others.

Now that you have identified some things that you believe made these ads successful, it is time to use that information for your own benefit. At first, substitute your product or advertising information in some ofrepparttar 101250 ads that you like. Then start making small variations to these ads to make them original. Keep working in this fashion and pretty soon, you will be thinking up your own variations and original ads that will sound catch as well.

Playing With the Big Boys ­­ How to compete with chain stores

Written by Alvin Apple

Ashley opened a posh, little gift shop and decided thatrepparttar best way to advertise was a 15 second spot on one ofrepparttar 101242 local television stations. Her commercial emphasized that people should stop by forrepparttar 101243 grand opening. When her shop first opened, it was visited by a steady stream of customers, many who came by because they had seenrepparttar 101244 commercial.

After her shop had been open for several weeks, business began to taper off. Ashley visited several ofrepparttar 101245 larger, chain gift shops in town and found that business was booming.

Ashley couldn't figure out whatrepparttar 101246 problem was. She felt that her products were unique and stylish. She thought customers would be intrigued by a shopping experience that was more personal than that in stores like Pier 1 Imports and Pottery Barn.

In her advertising, Ashley emphasized that people should come by forrepparttar 101247 grand opening, but she figuredrepparttar 101248 shop would sell itself. She didn't understand that people might fail to seerepparttar 101249 benefits of shopping in her store if those benefits weren’t pointed out to them.

Here are some advertising techniques small businesses can utilize to compete with chains:

* Emphasizerepparttar 101250 uniqueness ofrepparttar 101251 product. People are often attracted torepparttar 101252 idea of getting something unique from a smaller, independently owned business, but are used torepparttar 101253 larger selection a chain store can offer. Ashley could have featuredrepparttar 101254 originality of her stock as compared torepparttar 101255 universal stock a chain store offers.

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