"You Can Help Reduce the Number of Unwanted Cats - Spaying and Neutering of Cats"

Written by NS Kennedy

Every year, hundreds of thousands of cats and kittens are destroyed because they are unwanted. Animal shelters that take in these animals and try to find them homes are overcrowded. With so many animals in need, they cannot support all animals indefinitely. The solution is not to open more shelters, but for cat owners to become more responsible about spaying and neutering their pets.

A female cat can have two litters of kittens each year. The average survival rate is about 2.8 kittens per litter. If her offspring are not spayed or neutered,repparttar result is 12 catsrepparttar 139352 first year, 66 cats inrepparttar 139353 second year, and atrepparttar 139354 end of ten years,repparttar 139355 total would be 80,399,780 cats.

"Spay" isrepparttar 139356 term used forrepparttar 139357 surgical removal of a female animal's uterus and ovaries. When a male's testicles are removed, it is called "neutering." Both procedures leaverepparttar 139358 animals unable to reproduce. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancies, spaying and neutering of pets has other benefits for cats and their owners.

Benefits of neutering a male cat

* Neutered cats are less likely to spray strong urine * Neutered cats will loserepparttar 139359 urge to fight * Neutered cats will be less likely to try to escape * Neutered cats will not sufferrepparttar 139360 abscesses from fighting * Neutered cats will be less likely to contract diseases such as FeLV and FIV * Neutered cats will not be subject to testicular cancer * Neutered cats will not likely develop "stud tail," caused by overactive glands inrepparttar 139361 tail * Neutered cats have a decreased risk of mammary cancer

Spaying a female cat prevents mating behaviors such as fighting and yowling/hyperactivity in females. Spayed cats don't roamrepparttar 139362 neighborhood as much, protecting them fromrepparttar 139363 dangers of vehicles and aggressive dogs. Their tendency to stay closer to home also provides protection against deadly diseases such as FeLV and FIV. Finally, "fixed" pets tend to be more loving, because they are not subject torepparttar 139364 erratic effects of hormones.

Can One Simple RecoveryPets.Com Pet Tag Mean So Much?

Written by Thaddeus Collins

When pet owners think of their pets safety,repparttar most common element overlooked isrepparttar 139234 pet identification tag. This little metal tag worn aroundrepparttar 139235 petsí neck can increaserepparttar 139236 chances ofrepparttar 139237 pet being recovered if it ever becomes lost. Pet tags are an invaluable resource inrepparttar 139238 event that a pet is lost, because they are usuallyrepparttar 139239 only identifying object onrepparttar 139240 pet. There are many choices available when choosing a pet tag for your pet, such as style, color, and wording, butrepparttar 139241 latter isrepparttar 139242 most important element ofrepparttar 139243 any pet tag.

The wording onrepparttar 139244 pet tag is what is used to identifyrepparttar 139245 pet, and it also providesrepparttar 139246 owners contact information. The most common problem withrepparttar 139247 normal pet tag is that whenrepparttar 139248 contact information changes,repparttar 139249 tag is rendered obsolete. Unless, you have a pet tag with registration from RecoveryPets.Com. The simple pet tag from this company will never become obsolete becauserepparttar 139250 tag contains a unique identification number on it that is registered on their website.

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