You Can't Predict, You Can Prepare

Written by Kathy Gates

When opportunity knocks, can you openrepparttar door? When misfortune strikes, can you make it through unscathed?

When you are faced with risk, uncertainty, and repparttar 101883 unpredictable, your ability to deal with it is directly tied to your ability to absorbrepparttar 101884 consequences. Successful people know that in order to be "choosey" in life, in order to put themselves in a place of control over their lives, in order to make decisions on what they want instead of what they have to do, they must first have reserves. They know they cannot predict repparttar 101885 future, but they can prepare for it.

Reserves means: extra, a stockpile to draw on, more than you need, insurance, back-up plan, escape plan, Plan B, safety net. Call them whatever you want to - what it means is "It's not a problem".

Reserves exist in bothrepparttar 101886 practical andrepparttar 101887 emotional levels of our lives, and consist of both material and nonmaterial things. You must have not only material things like money, furniture, house, cars, computers, or clothes. You must also have love, leisure, support, space, time, happiness, and opportunity. The emotional reserves in your life are every bit as important as repparttar 101888 physical ones.

With reserves in place, you are able to live your life looking forward instead of always digging yourself out of a hole. With reserves you remove repparttar 101889 fear of acting on what you want, because you are able to affordrepparttar 101890 consequences. With reserves, you have enough support to make a mistake, you have enough money to get you through, you have time to work it out, you have enough self-love to learn instead of quit.

Withoutrepparttar 101891 reserves, stress and fear are your motivators. Think of it on a small scale: Ever been caught with a dying printer cartridge? You have to make a special trip, usually at an inopportune time. With a reserve you have a back-up, stocked at your convenience, not when dictated byrepparttar 101892 circumstance.

Think of it on a larger scale: Ever get hit with some unpredicted expenses? Without a reserve of money, you have to choose what bills to pay, and what becomes a backlog. Without a reserve of money, you become motivated to go to a job you hate byrepparttar 101893 fear of not having that paycheck each week. Without a reserve of energy, stress, adrenaline, and possibly even caffeine, drugs, or alcohol arerepparttar 101894 motivators to get you out of bed each morning.

Reserves takerepparttar 101895 fear out of making a mistake. Reserves takerepparttar 101896 pressure away. Without reserves you can't make mistakes or misjudgments -repparttar 101897 consequences are too high. You end up walking on eggshells. Without reserves you can't take advantage of short term opportunities - you simply don't haverepparttar 101898 resources to spare.

The Amazing Power of Small Steps

Written by Kathy Gates

It'srepparttar small things in life that can drive you loco on any given day, isn't it? (yes, I see heads nodding!). Likerepparttar 101882 batteries dying in your garage door opener inrepparttar 101883 middle ofrepparttar 101884 mother of all rainstorms. Orrepparttar 101885 birdfeeder that makes a mess onrepparttar 101886 back patio. Orrepparttar 101887 leaky bathroom faucet.

But it's alsorepparttar 101888 small things in life that seem to make it all worthwhile. A hug from a child, making a new friend, a beautiful sunset, getting something on sale, hearing from a far away loved one.

It's a normal tendency to think that life is made or broken byrepparttar 101889 BIG things in life. It's easy to sit around and complain about how life sucks, and wait forrepparttar 101890 knight (or princess) to show up, orrepparttar 101891 magic pill, orrepparttar 101892 lottery win that will make life better.

Butrepparttar 101893 truth is (drum roll, please) -- life is made up of very small steps.

Think of allrepparttar 101894 small steps in your own daily life. Like how many individual steps it takes just to get dressed inrepparttar 101895 morning (turn off alarm, get up, turn on lights, turn on shower, etc). Orrepparttar 101896 many small steps to prepare dinner. You getrepparttar 101897 idea -- seconds turn into minutes, into hours, into days, into a lifetime.

Still not convincedrepparttar 101898 small things contribute to BIG RESULTS? Ok, what if you decided to read just 30 minutes each day? Atrepparttar 101899 end of 365 days you have read 182.75 hours. That's 7-1/2 full days nonstop 24 hours a day!

The same is true of anything. Save just $1 a day and you'll have $365 atrepparttar 101900 end ofrepparttar 101901 year.Christmas money! Clean out one drawer each day, and atrepparttar 101902 end ofrepparttar 101903 week you'll have Spring-cleanedrepparttar 101904 kitchen. Throw out or box up just ONE THING you no longer use each day; atrepparttar 101905 end ofrepparttar 101906 month, you'll have a nice donation. Eat just 200 calories less each day, and atrepparttar 101907 end ofrepparttar 101908 year, you will have eaten 73,000 less calories, an equivalent of 146 pounds! Write one page of your life story, and atrepparttar 101909 end ofrepparttar 101910 year you'll have a novel!

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