You CAN get over 50,000 hits to your web site every month!

Written by Linda Rocco

Naturally, you ask "how?". You might think this is a lot of hype, but its not. My Ecommerce web site gets well over that number of hits every month and I don't even purchase banner space anywhere onrepparttar Internet. So, how do I do it. It's simple. Search Engine Submissions

I'm sure you've seen numerous companies claiming that by submitting your site to 1000+ search engines, that you will get tons more traffic to your web site. Is this true? Maybe. But wait, you just said thatrepparttar 134771 success of was due to search engine submissions. Right. Let me explain.

You can submit your web site to 1000 search engines a day, every single day forrepparttar 134772 next year and never get a good ranking in any of them. How come? There is a lot of work to be done before you submit your site. I like to think of it as 3 Steps. 1. HEAD content of page 2. Image Tags 3. Site Content

First, you need to know how Search Engine submissions work. Generally you go torepparttar 134773 Search Engine (ie. Excite) and add your site. Once you do that Excite send a robot or spider (a little search program) to your web site to scour it and see what it's all about. The robot or spider also travels through every link on your site and scours those pages as well. Once it has collected all its data, it reports back to Excite whererepparttar 134774 information gets indexed or filed according to its content. Thenrepparttar 134775 indexed web sites show up in a particular order depending ofrepparttar 134776 keyword(s) searched. Although every Search Engine has its own method of determiningrepparttar 134777 ranking of web sites,repparttar 134778 information below is bound to help you enormously in your fight to be atrepparttar 134779 top.

In all three of these stepsrepparttar 134780 most important thing to think about is keywords. Keywords can be words or phrases. They arerepparttar 134781 words or phrases that people will search for in order to find a site of your topic. So, in this example we are using a pet store. Therefore some words or phrases people would use to find a pet store would be "pet", "pet store", "pet shop", "pet supplies", "pets". In addition, people might search for specific products or brands. So, more keywords would be "IAMS", "Science Diet", and "catnip". Once you have a good sense ofrepparttar 134782 most important keywords for your web site, you're ready to start changing some ofrepparttar 134783 HTML code and content (text and images that show up in your web site).

1. The HTML of your index page is especially important. There is a section calledrepparttar 134784 . This section is extremely important to spruce up before submitting your site to a search engine. Before a client sees me for help, his HTML typically looks like this: Joe's Pet Supplies

But, when I'm finished with it, it might look something like this: Pet supplies and pet toys. Joe's Pet Store. pet supplies, pet shop, pet products, pets This is just an example. There are rules aboutrepparttar 134785 length of any one ofrepparttar 134786 above tags. For example,repparttar 134787 meta description tag should be less than 200 characters (characters include spaces). The title tag should be less than 50 characters. The meta keywords tag can be up to 1000 characters. So, inrepparttar 134788 example above I would have added many more words and phrases for a real client.

Once you've set uprepparttar 134789 HEAD section of your index page, it's time to tackle repparttar 134790 Image Tags in your document. All of your Images should be named and have ALT tags as well. This is something that many web designers overlook. Keeping your keywords (and phrases) in mind, check all of your images to make sure that they have these 2 important elements. This simple step will help you enormously with your search engine submissions. If you use an editor such as Dreamweaver, you can just open your index page and click on an image. Inrepparttar 134791 Properties Inspector, you'll seerepparttar 134792 opportunity to giverepparttar 134793 image a name and an ALT tag. Keywords, keywords, keywords. So, in our Pet Store example ifrepparttar 134794 image wasrepparttar 134795 logo forrepparttar 134796 store, a good Image name would be "pet_store_logo". A good ALT tag would be "pet store logo" or "Pet supplies, pet toys, pet food, pet shop". The ALT tag only shows up in PC's whenrepparttar 134797 mouse hovers overrepparttar 134798 image, so as long asrepparttar 134799 ALT tag is relevant torepparttar 134800 picture you'll be fine. In Mac'srepparttar 134801 ALT tag will be seen beforerepparttar 134802 picture loads.

Choosing the Right Web Site Designer

Written by Janice Byer

You've made up your mind. You want to have a website to represent your business. The next decision to be made . . . who should you hire to develop your site?

There are many people capable of building their own personal sites. They can put cute little comments and pictures of their pets or kids up for you to enjoy. But, when it comes to having a website that will be a form of marketing for your business, you want someone with experience. Someone who has an understanding ofrepparttar Internet and what isrepparttar 134770 best way to boostrepparttar 134771 exposure of a website.

They must have a clear knowledge of a variety of contributing factors to your sites' success. Such factors include how best to market your site,repparttar 134772 options and limitations of graphics, how to create a site that is effective within search engines, knowledge ofrepparttar 134773 drawbacks of different browsers, andrepparttar 134774 understanding ofrepparttar 134775 coding required for your site.

It is crucial that your designer understands you, your company and what you want to accomplish with your website. To determine this, you need to answer a few questions first.

What do you want on your website? What isrepparttar 134776 desired outcome of your site? Is your designer open to your ideas and provides input and suggestions for improvement? Have you checked out your competition or other websites to get ideas of what isrepparttar 134777 'norm' for a successful site? The more information you have prior to starting a website,repparttar 134778 more accurately you can communicate with your designer and getrepparttar 134779 desired outcome that producesrepparttar 134780 best results.

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