You At A Dead End? Look Deeply Into My Eyes!

Written by Richard Vegas

The president of a large North Eastern company, doing business internationally, was visiting his California division. While he was there, he saw a very large photograph of, of all people, himself, hanging onrepparttar wall.

He was inrepparttar 117447 office of his Vice President's private secretary. He said to her, Linda, that's a very large picture you have of my mug for this size room isn't it?

Linda said you know what I do when I have a problem? He said yea, you throw darts at it. Don't you? She smiled and said no, here's what I do. Then she demonstrated by propping her elbows on her desk, placing her chin in her cupped hands, and looking up at that picture said, Boss, whatrepparttar 117448 heck would you do to solve this?

What Kinds of Images do you visualize?

Linda used a very powerful motivator to help solve her problems. She identified with a successful image. This sort of visualization can breakrepparttar 117449 cycle of self-defeat and bad habits those years of struggles have set up with-in a personality.

Linda went on to testify, I find it extremely helpful to identify with a successful and positive image that inspires me to makerepparttar 117450 right decisions. She said, sometimes it's a slogan, a picture, or any symbol that has deep meaning to me.

What do your images say to you?

Some people may find what Linda does humorous. But,repparttar 117451 results of her actions are startling. Do you have a picture or symbol in your home or office that could give yourepparttar 117452 right answer for an important decision?

It might be a picture of a father, mother, husband, wife, Benjamin Franklin, maybe Benedict Arnold, nah….I'm kidding about that. I sure hope you don't visualize Benedict Arnold. :>) Why it could be a picture of a long deceased grand parent. Just anything that has deep meaning to you.


Make sure it conjures up deep POSITIVE emotions onrepparttar 117453 inside of you. This is nothing to play around with. Ifrepparttar 117454 image gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside then you're onrepparttar 117455 right track. If it makes you start looking for places to hide more bodies, then all bets is off.

When it's Time to Speak…….Shut Up!!

What will your image say to you? Will you Listen? There is only one way to find out. The next time you are faced with a serious problem or have to make a major decision, ask your image a question. Then LISTEN…duh…ding-a-ling.

What you hear could berepparttar 117456 most important advice you could get. When that deep stirring in your gut says, this isrepparttar 117457 way, do this, do that, then you have foundrepparttar 117458 breakthrough you're looking for. Be patient, get quiet and listen. If you're not hearing anything, I can almost guarantee you you're not quiet. There is still too much turmoil onrepparttar 117459 inside of you.

Another point you need to recognize is your situation is going to change whether you takerepparttar 117460 initiative to change it positively or not. But, usingrepparttar 117461 concept of talking to your motivational images and listening, you haverepparttar 117462 power to determine its direction. Ah….. I like that. You bet.

Stuck In A Box?

Written by Al Martinovic

One day I was walking and came across a box with a kitten in it. The box was too high forrepparttar kitten to escape and he just laid there dejected and seemingly out of life. I wondered what kind of cruel person could do this.

I gently liftedrepparttar 117446 kitten out ofrepparttar 117447 box and placed him onrepparttar 117448 ground in front of me and lo and behold it was like he was transformed! His eyes widened and he was full of life just like any normal kitten!

What about your marketing and advertising efforts onrepparttar 117449 internet? Are you stuck in a box?

You know, that small world you created for yourself as a newbie, where you dorepparttar 117450 same things over and over again whether they work or not.

Why not trying something different for a change? Step outside ofrepparttar 117451 box you created for yourself.

That kitten had no choice being inrepparttar 117452 box because of some idiot.

But, you createdrepparttar 117453 box you're living in online right now. Step outside of it and you will feelrepparttar 117454 joy that kitten had when a whole new world was opened up to him!

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