"You've Got Mail"

Written by Bill Platt

Forrepparttar last 30 years,repparttar 109714 most popular computer application onrepparttar 109715 Internet has been email. 30 Years? Yes. The first email application was built in 1971 and upgraded in 1972. Withrepparttar 109716 upgrade, email became a widely used and really popular computer application. But, 30 years? Yes indeed. Don't take my word for it, check out "Hobbes' Internet Timeline -repparttar 109717 Definitive ARPAnet and Internet History" at:

http://www.zakon.org/robert/Internet imeline/

Granted, most of us had never heard much if anything at all aboutrepparttar 109718 Internet untilrepparttar 109719 mid 1990's. The world's first Internet "browser" was released in 1993, it was called Mosaic. Untilrepparttar 109720 release of Mosaic,repparttar 109721 net was strictly for nerds, government employees and university's. The net was restricted to command line use of email, document storage and databases. Withrepparttar 109722 release of Mosaic,repparttar 109723 web finally had a visual interface.

1993 was year thatrepparttar 109724 flood gates began to open. With Mosaic coming online,repparttar 109725 White House finally got its own domain at: http://www.WhiteHouse.gov

and Bill Clinton becamerepparttar 109726 first U.S. President ever to have his own email address: president@whitehouse.gov

Thoughrepparttar 109727 technology and speed ofrepparttar 109728 Internet has constantly changed throughoutrepparttar 109729 last 30 years, one thing has not changed,repparttar 109730 popularity of email.

"Email is one ofrepparttar 109731 'Killer Apps' ofrepparttar 109732 computer world. Email isrepparttar 109733 most successful communications technology sincerepparttar 109734 television, and in a few years will even surpass that. There are currently more than 891 million email accounts in use Worldwide and 440 million inrepparttar 109735 U.S. alone - with an average of more than 4 email accounts per person." (Messaging Today - 2000 Electronic Mailbox Report - Feb. 21, 2001)

The top providers for email service inrepparttar 109736 world today are Hotmail (with 86 million users), Yahoo (with 53 million users) and AOL (with 30 million users).

Email has become so popular that in 1998, Hollywood made a movie about two people who used email to get to know one another and fall in love. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred in repparttar 109737 hit movie "You've Got Mail," named forrepparttar 109738 most cherished voice message onrepparttar 109739 AOL service. http://youvegotmail.warnerbros.com/

Statistics show thatrepparttar 109740 majority of people check their email first before they do anything else. In fact, people spendrepparttar 109741 vast majority of their time online reading and answering emails.

While managing multiple email accounts might seem likerepparttar 109742 biggest challenge facing Internet users today, it is not. The biggest challenge is having one computer and a household full of people who want to check their email. I run a business online, but if I do not giverepparttar 109743 computer up to my wife once in awhile, I would not want to live in my house anymore.

Remember when AOL decided to give their customers seven accounts so that everyone inrepparttar 109744 family could have their own email address and profile? At first it seemed like a good idea... Then it started... Now you have four people standing behind you begging to check their email! Andrepparttar 109745 joy of AOL, you have to log off of one account to check email from another account. What a bear.

Using the power of NON-spam email

Written by Christopher Sewell

If you own a local retail store or local service business where customers come into your office or shop, you're going to love this report. I'm going to show you how to maximize your current customer base and improve sales by using NON-spam email.

Your business doesn't need a website to do what I'm going to show you here. This method is so simple, but overlooked by most local business owners, that when I explain this simple system to you, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't think of it sooner. Best of all, you can start using this system TODAY.

If you're running a local business of any kind:

* cleaners * pet supply shop * hair salon * grocery store * lawn service * window washer * ice cream shop * dentist * personal trainer, etc...

...you should be using email RIGHT NOW to increase your profits.

Let's say you own a local hair salon, for example. Obviously no one is going to go onrepparttar Internet looking for a hair stylist. People will not type repparttar 109713 words "hair salons" in a search engine to find a local hair salon. So what you should do is maximizerepparttar 109714 income potential of every local customer that does frequent your establishment.

Here's what you do: When a customer is paying for their service and they come to your register, make sure you collect their contact information. You want to get their first name, last name and email address logged into your database. I'm sure next to your cash register you have a computer where you could easily enter this information. If you don't have a computer next to your cash register...GET ONE!

Or you could simply write down this information on a sheet of paper to be transferred to your database later on. Ifrepparttar 109715 concept of a database seems to complex, just enterrepparttar 109716 information about each customer in a simple text file. The text file should look like this:

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