You're standing between two clouds...

Written by Michelle Jacobson

On one side there is a dark cloud. It is full of pain, sickness, disease, poverty, and death. All ofrepparttar curses talked about in Deuteronomy 28 are swarming in circles.

There is a bright cloud onrepparttar 138844 other side. It is a white cloud with health, prosperity, peace, and life. All ofrepparttar 138845 blessings talked about in Deuteronomy 28 are floating in this bright cloud.

A calm, deep voice says, "Choose."

You respond withrepparttar 138846 obvious, "I have chosen. I want life."

The deep voice tells you to continue to look intorepparttar 138847 cloud of promise. The voice says to not to look back atrepparttar 138848 darkness...

You understand quickly because you didn't and still don't wantrepparttar 138849 death penalty! That's why you turned to Jesus! He died so that your sins could be forgiven and taken away from you (Psalms 103:12). He saved you.

If you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior as you were told to in Romans 10:9,10 then you have stepped out ofrepparttar 138850 dark cloud intorepparttar 138851 light one.

No matter whatrepparttar 138852 enemy says that you feel, see or hear, you are really saved! You have been set free from sickness, poverty, pain, and death (Isaiah 53:5,6)

As I was reminded, keep your eye onrepparttar 138853 Lord and His kingdom. He isrepparttar 138854 light. He isrepparttar 138855 cloud of freedom...

Don't look back but walk forward intorepparttar 138856 light more and more. Grow inrepparttar 138857 Lord and you'll see more clearly (John 8:12)

Jesus loves you and has set so much in place for you to have. When Jesus said it was finished in (John 19:30) He wasn't kidding. The bright light, and life inside it is very fabulous.

Don't ever be deceived into thinking that God won't give you all that He has promised you. He's not keeping any good thing from you (Psalms 84:11,12). You're accepting what life you live in. You choose.


There is a smile or a frown on your face when you look around at your world. One ofrepparttar 138858 main things that strongly determines what you have is what you believe.

In order to acceptrepparttar 138859 gifts of light, we have to start by knowing they're available and waiting for us! No wonder God told us to renew our minds in His word (Romans 12:2). By reading, thinking, and saying what He said (Joshua 1:7,8), we place ourselves inrepparttar 138860 position to getrepparttar 138861 good things that God has already made available to us.

Think about a game of catch for a minute. There are a couple of people throwing a ball back and forth. If one moves out ofrepparttar 138862 path ofrepparttar 138863 ball that is coming, there will be no receiving it. If one person puts their hand behind their back there will be no receiving.

The Kolbrin – Ancient Warnings Of Modern Threats

Written by Marshall Masters

The Kolbrin is a substantial Biblical-era wisdom text of immense value to comparative religion scholars, space threat researchers and philosophers. The earliest books of this ancient manuscript were written followingrepparttar Hebrew Exodus from Egypt. Unlikerepparttar 138751 Bible andrepparttar 138752 Koran, however, it offers a non-judgmental view of ancient times that bridges secular and non-secular thought. It also projects dire and urgent warnings from acrossrepparttar 138753 millennia to those of us living today. The message of The Kolbrin is clear. We will soon face natural disasters that will visit death and havoc upon us in an unimaginable scale.

The Kolbrin manuscript is 372,882 words long and is now available globally forrepparttar 138754 first time, from Your Own World Books in both paperback (548 Pages, 8.268” x 11.693” x 1.54”) and eBook (Adobe, Microsoft, Mobipocket, Palm) editions. These editions are designed for collaborative group study, as The Kolbrin offers a new wealth of knowledge for:


The Kolbrin offers invaluable insights throughrepparttar 138755 writing of ancient authors for those seeking a better understanding of their own faith through comparative analysis. This is because The Kolbrin reflectsrepparttar 138756 cutting-edge metaphysical and philosophical thinking of ancient times. Some feel it may have had a direct influence onrepparttar 138757 teachings of Jesus, givenrepparttar 138758 Bible’s andrepparttar 138759 Koran’s accounts of his hiding in Egypt. This is because many ofrepparttar 138760 original books of The Kolbrin were authored in Egypt, so this would have placed Jesus in close proximity to them.


For those concerned about space threats, The Kolbrin offers an accurate description of a massive object called “The Destroyer” which orbits our Sun and is due to return with catastrophic results inrepparttar 138761 near future. It also correlates to Nostradamus’s “Bearded Star,” Mother Shipton’s “Fiery Dragon” andrepparttar 138762 “Red Comet” warning ofrepparttar 138763 Mayan Calendar Prophecies.


The Kolbrin differs fromrepparttar 138764 Holy Bible and Koran in that it offers a humanist paradigm consistent with many “New Age” beliefs. The personal accounts in The Kolbrin offers invaluable insights intorepparttar 138765 genesis ofrepparttar 138766 early religious and metaphysical thought followingrepparttar 138767 Hebrew Exodus from Egypt, and which finally took root duringrepparttar 138768 beginning ofrepparttar 138769 European Renaissance inrepparttar 138770 14th century. In many respects,repparttar 138771 ancient writings of The Kolbrin offer a time machine journey back torepparttar 138772 very genesis ofrepparttar 138773 humanist movement.


The parallels betweenrepparttar 138774 “sack” ofrepparttar 138775 Library of Alexandria andrepparttar 138776 near loss of The Kolbrin are of interest to scholars, researchers and philosophers alike.

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