You're sick and you MUST work!

Written by Chris De La Rosa

What do you do when you work from home (your own business) and you come down withrepparttar flu? Is there a number you can call and let them know that you're sick and cannot come in today? If only!

Since Saturday I've been hit by one of those dreaded winter flu's (mind you this winter marksrepparttar 135964 very first time I ever gotrepparttar 135965 flu vaccine). Feverish, headache, entire body hurts and my throat is soar..repparttar 135966 flu! It takes everything out of me to get out of bed today to ensurerepparttar 135967 websites I do support for are fully functional and all customers are happy. This means replying to tons of emails and support tickets.

Here's a tip... create as many short cuts as you can that will not only save you time, but will help you when you getrepparttar 135968 flu and cannot function at 100%. In my Eudora (email program) I've set up responses for all ofrepparttar 135969 common questions I receive. But a canned response can be spotted and many customers hate them. Be sure to personalizerepparttar 135970 canned response, so start your reply with Hello , and simply placerepparttar 135971 persons name inrepparttar 135972 field when responding. This will allow you to respond to a customer or client inrepparttar 135973 time it takes to type their name.

Here is an example of a canned response I use...


Stick to your schedule!

Written by Chris de La Rosa

It's early inrepparttar morning, Saturday Jan 15th and I'm up, had my tea and busy at what I do. ..check emails and tickets createdrepparttar 135963 night before. I have a routine I've been usingrepparttar 135964 past number of years that I try my best to stick to, even onrepparttar 135965 weekends. Especiallyrepparttar 135966 weekends. Weekends can be very busy for me, since my girls are usually home with me from school, unless they're invited to a sleep over. Having them at home can be very distracting so I try my best to get up before they do and get most of my important work done. Do you have a weekend routine or plan?

With a plan or routine, you'll find that you get things done smoothly and your workload will not be as heavy. It took me several months

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