You're Probably Going To Die From This

Written by John Cali

You’re Probably Going To Die From This John Cali

This week we’re continuing our theme from last week: your physical body and its well-being.

A few days ago, I had a long talk with my cousin. We’re exactlyrepparttar same age, and we grew up next door to each other in rural western New York State. We’ve always had a close, loving sister-brother-type relationship.

She was telling me about a recent health crisis her daughter had -- she’d been diagnosed with a deadly tumor.

Afterrepparttar 122214 operation, her surgeon told her he’d gotten all ofrepparttar 122215 tumor out, andrepparttar 122216 prognosis was excellent. If he hadn’t gotten it all out, he continued, her life expectancy would have been about two years. And it could have been a horribly painful death. She’s still a relatively young woman -- about 40, and this would not have been good news for one that young.

So she wasn’t going to die after all -- at least not right now, or soon. Thenrepparttar 122217 good doctor made an ominous remark. Some day, he said, “You’re probably going to die from this anyway.”

Now I’m sure this man, a surgeon who practices his trade in one ofrepparttar 122218 most well-regarded medical facilities inrepparttar 122219 world, is competent and was well-intended in his remarks to his patient. After all, he’s a healer.

But to instill in a patient’s mind that she is probably going to die a horribly painful death is, to me, an abdication of his responsibility as a doctor and a healer.

Chief Joseph

One ofrepparttar 122220 greatest challenges many humans have is dealing with their physical bodies. Your bodies are magnificent mechanisms -- truly magical beyond any of your wildest imaginings.

The intricate processes your bodies undertake every single second of your physical life are truly magical. Your bodies -- every part, organ, and system -- every cell, molecule, and atom -- know how to do their jobs, and how to do them perfectly.

It would truly boggle your mind if you could see all these delicate, intricate inner workings of your physical bodies. Your bodies need no direction from you. In fact, they do very well without you.

They know instinctively how they should be operating. And they know their natural state is that of well-being, of perfect health.

Anamchara - 7 ways to Soul Friendship

Written by Tony Cuckson

This articles shares with yourepparttar seven Blessings ofrepparttar 122213 Celtic idea of Anamchara meaning “Soul Friend.”

In Corrogue it is frosty.

The ramp into our “acre of diamonds” is now firm underfoot where before it was a sea of mud. Murphy our dog runs excitedly by my side. We are on our way to releaserepparttar 122214 chickens fromrepparttar 122215 coop. They are to be fed porridge oats in milk.

Murphy has become an honorary chicken. He has been self-appointed. He now eats withrepparttar 122216 hens and cockerels as I give them their long awaited breakfast. They are now together, dog and birds, loving this life that is secure and satisfying for them.

I am becoming clearer. I am becoming more integrated and more know ofrepparttar 122217 flow of this life. I am become a soul friend. I am becoming what is known inrepparttar 122218 Celtic tradition an Anam Cara. This translates as Anam meaning “soul” and Cara meaning “friend.”

Like our beautiful dog Murphy I am busy rounding up different aspects of my less integrated self. These are pieces that are like different chickens within a roost. I gently bring them together in love and acceptance. I imagine myself sitting atop a chicken coop with my chicken friends and we would debate various life questions.

We might ask “What does it mean to be a seeker after soul.” We would squawk about our inner life. We would peck atrepparttar 122219 question “isrepparttar 122220 unexamined life worth living?” We would joke about what happened whenrepparttar 122221 chicken crossedrepparttar 122222 road. More seriously we would scratch inrepparttar 122223 earth to query that existential question, “What came first -repparttar 122224 chicken orrepparttar 122225 egg?”

One of our favourite hens (and I have to acknowledge I do have favourites) is Boddica. She is fearless. She would berepparttar 122226 hen to ask fierce questions. She isrepparttar 122227 hen equivalent of a soul friend. She probes your knowing and understanding of who you really are. She might ask, “What does an Anam Cara do?

In answer to Bodica`s question I would humbly reply thus.

An Anam Cara loves your essence.

They see you beyond your mask. This isrepparttar 122228 mask of persona. This is what you call personality. They see beyondrepparttar 122229 fear. They seerepparttar 122230 absence of love. This is love you withdraw from others and yourself. This isrepparttar 122231 love that is your real power. This does not mean they have to like YOU. You arerepparttar 122232 one that gets inrepparttar 122233 way of soul. You soul isrepparttar 122234 light of love and it needs light. It needsrepparttar 122235 lightness of being. An Anam Cara will remind you simply “to be.”

An Anam Cara lives close torepparttar 122236 land.

They might be found roosting with chickens. They loverepparttar 122237 elements of fire, water, earth and air. They are elemental beings although they are more down to earth than mental. Some might consider they exhibit opposite traits. They love sensuality and sexuality. They loverepparttar 122238 play of Eros. This takes them onrepparttar 122239 wing. An Anam Cara will remind you to come to your senses and be sensational.

An Anam Cara guides you torepparttar 122240 presence you are.

They are people ofrepparttar 122241 silence. They listen. They do not debate. They do not fill you up with knowledge. They transmitrepparttar 122242 knowing of love. They touch you with beauty. This is not their beauty butrepparttar 122243 beauty ofrepparttar 122244 Beloved. They move inrepparttar 122245 world as nobodies of import. They do not puff up your ego. They may build your ego up. They do so in order that you can disappear. This is in order that you can flyrepparttar 122246 coop. This is so you can enterrepparttar 122247 joy of leavingrepparttar 122248 prison house of never being enough.

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