You're Fired!

Written by Sheldon Reiffenstein

You’re Fired! by Sheldon Reiffenstein

The scene opens in a boardroom with three men, two seated on one side of a large rosewood table,repparttar third seated onrepparttar 125960 opposite side facing them. The third man is speaking: "George, Dick, you’ve had four years to run this business - four years! I’m looking atrepparttar 125961 balance sheet, and, frankly, I’m disappointed. Just looking atrepparttar 125962 numbers here freaks me out. When you took over,repparttar 125963 business had a surplus of $200 billion and today we have a deficit of over $400 billion. Plus you’ve had to layoff about two million people. If I ran a business like this, I’d be bankrupt." "But, Mr. Trump, we did run into some bad times. September 11 cut a large hole in our revenues..." "Yes, George, I know that September 11 was devastating, but it only accounts for about 30% of this deficit. And, in three years you should have been able to pullrepparttar 125964 business out ofrepparttar 125965 red. Didn’t you promise that when you put in place those major tax cuts of yours? Weren’t they supposed to have revivedrepparttar 125966 business?" "Well, it’s starting to, Mr. Trump. We’ve added almost 700,000 new jobs this year, andrepparttar 125967 unemployment rate is only 5.4%. I think that’s good progress. We’re moving forward and we’re not turning back." "George, don’t try tossing those ridiculous feel-good lines at me. Do I look like an idiot?" "No, Mr. Trump." "Right. So now that we’re clear on that. You made a big hit withrepparttar 125968 employees that day you stood at ‘Ground Zero’ and hollered through that megaphone. Then you bombed Afghanistan. Those were good things. But, George, you’ve lost your focus since then. This Iraq venture, what is it with that?" "He was a threat torepparttar 125969 free world, Saddam was." "How? He had no WMD, no nuclear program, which you claimed in front ofrepparttar 125970 whole world. His army was in disarray, his economy could never have supported any kind of war or invasion of another country. Worst of all he had absolutely no ties torepparttar 125971 real criminal…you do remember his name don’t you, George?…That Osama guy,repparttar 125972 guy you threaten to capture dead or alive? Just what happened to him?" "We have men searching for him right now." "How many? A few hundred searching hundreds of thousands of square miles of mountains in Afghanistan. You really think you’re going to find that needle in a haystack with that force? While you’ve got 140,000 troops tied up in this Iraq mess, and for how long? It’s going to be five years or more according to your own reports." "But America is safer, Mr. Trump, with Saddam gone." "How are we safer? You have no proof that Saddam posed any threat torepparttar 125973 United States. All we have to rely on are your words. A lot of people are looking atrepparttar 125974 mess in Iraq and they don’t seem to trust your word, your simplistic little phrases, so much. How can we believe we’re safer? Osama is still onrepparttar 125975 loose; we know thatrepparttar 125976 Al Qaeda ranks are growing; militants are causing terrible havoc in Iraq cities; over 1,000 American soldiers are dead, almost 900 of those since you declared ‘Mission Accomplished’. What was it with that anyway?"

Giving the power back to the people

Written by Voterman

Voterman- defender ofrepparttar just uniter ofrepparttar 125959 people, together with will be fighting to take backrepparttar 125960 government from corporate lobbyists, special interest groups, and dishonest politicians.

Too many labels divide our voting power. What labels? Party affiliation, class, race, sex, age, and religion. “If 100 million plus Americans voted together by focusing onrepparttar 125961 major issues, at one specific place, they would get what they needed. Congress would have no choice but to giverepparttar 125962 people what they demanded, or they’d be out of a job just like inrepparttar 125963 real world. How else are Americans going to get what they need unless they vote together?” will unite Americans by providing them with a voting-based website where all citizens can vote together onrepparttar 125964 big issues that affect their daily lives. I encourage Americans to vote together, to get what they need and deserve from their government, regardless of labels that continue to divide us.

Americans can choose their next president based on one major issue. That issue is an affordable national healthcare and prescription

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