You're Engaged Now What ?

Written by Sher Matsen

Your head is spinning with visions of your glorious wedding day. Your heart skips a beat every time you think about it. Your mind is going a mile a minute with ideas and plans. You are soooo excited. Now don’t get ahead of yourself. Before doing anything you should grab a pen and paper and follow these simple steps.

First you need to make a list ofrepparttar things you need to discuss with your fiancée. Don’t go any further until you’ve done this. Although you might be inclined to rush out and start planning. Remember this is his big day too, and he should have a say inrepparttar 148432 planning of it.

You’ll need to discuss: •repparttar 148433 maximum amount your going to spend • How many people your going to invite • How you are going to finance your wedding • What type of wedding your going to have – big, small, formal, informal • How many people will be in your wedding party

Once you’ve got some ofrepparttar 148434 basics covered you’ll want to meet with both sets of parents to further discussrepparttar 148435 items above. You need to find out how much, if any, finances parents will be contributing. You’ll need to know who is important to them to place onrepparttar 148436 invite list, and you’ll need to fill them in onrepparttar 148437 type of wedding your planning.

Third, you’ll need to set your wedding date. These days it’s advisable to book facilities such as churches and reception halls a year in advance. You’ll want to take into considerationrepparttar 148438 time of year you plan to get married, any holidays, vacations, or family events that might not work with your date. Once you’ve determined a date that works for your bridal party and family members, as well as yourself, you can move ahead. It never hurts to have a couple of date options

Spring & Summer Runway Hits

Written by Sher Matsen

Celebrities have been choosing their favourite catwalk fashions forrepparttar read carpet. Check outrepparttar 148431 designer collections for this season and what some ofrepparttar 148432 stars have already chosen:

The Chloe collection usesrepparttar 148433 aesthetics of vintage mixed with her own style. Milla Jovoch and Kate Hudson are two stars that have chosen fromrepparttar 148434 Chloe collection.

The Lanvin collection was designed withrepparttar 148435 stars in mind. It's glamourous and perfect forrepparttar 148436 female stars.

The Balenciaga collection is a very wearable collection, adding comfort to fashion. Actresses wearing this collection will be fashionable but not over done.

The Proenz Schouler collection is full of beautiful prints, with a fabulous chiffon gowns. This is definately a Nicole Kidman type of gown and you just might see her wearing one onrepparttar 148437 red carpet.

The Ralph Lauren spring collection is ultra feminine. Their satin evening gown collection hints of old hollywood and will make a perfect red carpet addition.

The Rochas collection is elegant and flattering but demure. Audrey Hepburn would certainly be pleased with this collection.

The Aruthur Mendonca collection is simple and elegant with lots of great color choices.

The Temperley London collection has a romantic vintage feel with great colors such as lavender and aqua. They'd be great choices for Renee Zellwger or Nicole Kidman.

The Michael Kors collection is very versatile forrepparttar 148438 vacationer. It also included gowns with beaded bodices - drop dead gorgeous! Jennifer Lopez chose a Kors gown forrepparttar 148439 red carpet.

The Carolina Herrera collection is truly a collection with women in mind. Fantastic color choices, terrific event dresses. Definately a choice Sarah Jessica Parker would make.

The Stephen Burrows collection is all about vibrant color. Vivica Fox recently purchased one of his mini dresses.

The Oscar de la Renta collection is strictly forrepparttar 148440 stars. His designs let you have it all. A perfect Kate Bosworth choice.

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