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Written by yatin patel

Is E-Mail marketing worth it?

EMAIL MARKETING IS THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL subject inrepparttar Internet world now and is linked with a more controversial subject of Internet security and Privacy rights. This article is not about trying to showrepparttar 108216 advantages of email marketing or email based CRM solutions, but to render a situation which will make you think about finding ways to make your campaign successful. This article will also assist you to address your strategy based on your specific consumer/product environment and needs.

As you start your week on Monday, rested and ready for another busy and challenging week of action,repparttar 108217 first thing that crosses your day is 84 un-invited emails and you begin to wonder how on earth did your email address make it on all those lists, unknown to you. And forcefully, you begin to unsubscribe each list until you hit one that really gets your attention: “Dear Mike, Thank you again for being a loyal mobile Customer. To reward you we are offering you 10% off of your next cell phone bill. Please visit a specific website and enter this pin number: 45658, andrepparttar 108218 discount will be effective.” You go torepparttar 108219 website, excited atrepparttar 108220 idea that someone does appreciate your business and you get 10% off of a cell phone bill.

What comes to mind when you think about your email? Email is for communication among your co-workers, a quick note to a family member, and probably JUNK MAIL. As a marketer, it is a necessity to ensure that none of your potential or existing consumers ever getsrepparttar 108221 impression they are getting junk email from you.

The challenge How do you effectively use your database of email addresses without upsetting anyone, and, as importantly, maximize your return for your marketing efforts? How and when do you decide that email Marketing should be a serious and vital part of your Internet marketing efforts? Most likely you have been a victim of these email phenomena as your consumers are.

Brand Dilution After looking at many headlines such as “Spam Becomes Public Enemy #1” in numerous trade publications, many marketers are wondering if it’s a good idea to keep a distance from email marketing for a while. For many years, email has allowed advertisers to reach consumers directly. They could inexpensively incite immediate customer response. Now, media planners’ attitudes toward email marketing are changing. The word is around to distance marketers fromrepparttar 108222 controversy surrounding Spam. It’s difficult trying to defend this marketing method to clients. Above all, we’re concerned withrepparttar 108223 effect renting email lists might have on clients we represent along withrepparttar 108224 potential customer.Some Web users seerepparttar 108225 enemy in every email marketing message, whether they gave permissions to Opt-In or not. Unwanted email is unwanted email, it’s dumped inrepparttar 108226 Deleted Items folder regularly. Most email software now includes tools to eliminate Spam or unwanted emails. With these billions of messages and deep-seated resentment toward this sleazy online marketing practice, consumers have a new email mantra: Delete first, ask questions later. Spam not only results in poor campaign results, but also creates a negative perception for a clients’ brand.

Does this dismal state of affairs mean we should abandon email marketing untilrepparttar 108227 Spam problem is over, once and for all? email has a lot to offer. Marketers can’t afford to turn their backs on a medium with so much proven potential and reach.

Is there still hope for email-based customer communications? Are there ways to reach clients’ target markets via email without putting their brands at risk?

Blended Threats One in every 212 emails sent in 2002 contained a computer virus, and one in 12 emails was recognized as unsolicited Spam, according to email security firm MessageLabs in its annual report on mass mailing email security threats, including virus and Spam activity. The company says one ofrepparttar 108228 most worrying trends is that spammers are deploying techniques traditionally used by virus writers, making Spam much more difficult to detect and eliminate.

How I Increased My Ezine Readership Overnight!

Written by Marc Howlett

How I Increased My Ezine Readership Overnight! by Marc Howlett

Note: You are welcome to republish this article as long asrepparttar resource box is included atrepparttar 108215 end.

We all know how important our opt-in list are but what we really need is members that read our emails. How do we get them to open our mail and actually look forward to receiving it.

Here are some ofrepparttar 108216 tactic I used recently to increase my readerships and more importantly increase my sales!

You Have Won!

Hold an ongoing prize drawing in your e-zine. The prizes should be something of interest or value to your subscribers. Most people who enter will continually read each issue forrepparttar 108217 results.

100% Original

Give your subscribers content they can't read anywhere else. I'm not saying all your content has to be 100% original, but a portion of your e-zine should have original information. People will usually read information they havent read before.

Was I Right?

Give your subscribers a quiz or a series of trivia questions. Publishrepparttar 108218 correct answers in your following issue. The people who participate will want to see if they were right.

Read All About It!

Supply news stories related to your e-zine's topic. People want current and up-to-date news. If you can be their first source, they will become loyal readers.

The Polls Are In!

Hold an interactive poll in your e-zine. Ask subscribers a poll question. Have them e-mail their vote or opinion. People love to give their 2 cents worth. They would also like to readrepparttar 108219 results in your next issue.

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