Yoda Speaks! 5 Success Secrets of the Master Jedi

Written by Donna Monday

We all know that Yoda (from Star Wars) is a great teacher of Jedi warriors, but Yodaís wisdom can also help aspiring online marketers. Below are five of his most powerful teachings:

ďA Jediís strength flow fromrepparttar force.Ē

- Where does your strength come from?

Yoda is saying thereís a force, a spiritual power, deep within us that if tapped into will give usrepparttar 145220 strength to tackle any situation that comes along. He knows that we are part of a larger force thatís connected torepparttar 145221 universe. We donít have to rely on our own physical and mental abilities only.

Sometimes thereís nothing like having an extra source of strength to guide us when we feel we canít move one step further towards our goal. This inner force is what can help push us overrepparttar 145222 top and on to victory.

ďA Jedi must haverepparttar 145223 deepest commitment,repparttar 145224 most serious mind.Ē

- How committed are you to your goals?

Youíve signed up for several good (legitimate) affiliate programs but youíre frustrated. Itís been two months and you havenít made any money yet.

So, what do you do? You abandon them and look for something more lucrative.

While you jump from program to program, have you ever thought about why you werenít successful withrepparttar 145225 last one? Why are others making money with programs youíve abandoned?

Yoda knows that we must make a serious commitment to our goals (in this case: making money with an affiliate program) and stick to it.

By giving up too soon and not committing yourself to success, you ensure your own failure.

ďSize matters not.Ē

- Donít be afraid of starting out small

Yoda is physically very small, yet his inner strength and wisdom is enormous. When Yoda calls onrepparttar 145226 force you can imagine how much energy must be going through that small body. Yet, he is able to control it and make it work Ďforí him.

Size doesnít matter when youíve gotrepparttar 145227 hidden force of intelligence, agility, enthusiasm, and determination on your side.

Building Your Home Based Business Website

Written by Charles Fuchs

A home based business, like any other business these days, needs a website to be successful. And fortunately, a home based business owner doesnít need major corporate dollars to build a great website to reach a much broader audience than is possible with conventional advertising and marketing methods.

In fact, a well-planned, well-designed website can be a home based business ownerís best friend.

The first thing that you need to do is to start planning your home based business website as soon as possible. A mistake that many home based business owners make is in waiting until their company is already up and running. This can cause problems becauserepparttar domain name should be on all offline marketing materials. It costs a great deal of money to have new letterhead, business cards and other printed materials redone to addrepparttar 145219 domain name. Also, having a website adds substance and credibility to your home based business. So you want to plan your home based business website strategy as early as possible.

You also want to put a great deal of thought into your home based business domain name. In many cases, itísrepparttar 145220 same as your business ifrepparttar 145221 name isnít already taken. This may not berepparttar 145222 best way to choose a domain name, however. You want to make it easy for prospective customers to find you, so you may be better off choosing a domain name that describes your home based business product or service accurately. The reason for this is that people who are looking for lawn care services are going to do a search for lawn care services, sorepparttar 145223 domain name should relate as closely to that as possible. A hot trend these days is to put hyphens between each word of your domain name, but stay away from periods and commas.

When it comes to actually building your home based business website, unless youíre extremely knowledgeable about web development and design, itís a good idea to hire someone to do it for you. You can find many great web designers online who will build and host your website for a truly affordable fee. Many of these companies have templates you can use to design your home based business website yourself. Whichever method you choose, remember that you want your home based business website to look as professional as possible. And be sure to stay away from slow-loading graphics and flash. Web surfers arenít known for their patience and will leave a website ifrepparttar 145224 pages take too long to load.

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