Yesterday I Wept

Written by Val k

Apologies to Iyanla Vanzat. But yesterday I wept. And it was not for joy that I wept. Like Andrea Agassi, who inrepparttar Atlanta Olympics, won gold for his country, America. And neither did I weep from nostalgia like some former East Germans remembering a bygone era. No, not like these. I wept not because I mourned a friend. Like Christ weeping for Lazarus. But forrepparttar 136466 same reason many people throw themselves off bridges, take an overdose of sleeping pills, and smash their cars against other cars. I wept because of love. Sounds familiar?

Yes, many of us cry over break ups and unrequited love. Or even, fromrepparttar 136467 ill treatments of a spouse. And why do we? Because we as humans are prone to emotions.

Love is an emotion. And a most powerful one at that. Without it our lives will be incomplete. No matterrepparttar 136468 form it takes—whether it is amorous or platonic or agape—it’srepparttar 136469 same. But before you call me a “hopeless romantic” I will ask this: Would you rather exist like a machine? Or as a fictional android—human-looking robots—knowing no love?

But love, however, should not be confused with sex. These are two different things. Sex is a physical act. (We do it for pleasure.) Love onrepparttar 136470 other hand is an emotional bond. (It defies common sense.)

I have read and heard many things said about love and sex. Butrepparttar 136471 most memorable, for me, is this one from Jason Solomon: “Sex is easy and cheap; love requires work.” And I found it, of all places, in a movie review. (Speak of serendipity.)

Yes, love unlike sex requires work (but some may disagree). Unlike sex, love cannot be bought atrepparttar 136472 spur ofrepparttar 136473 moment. Like a Mars bar. Or a one-night stand. It takes time to appreciate. Like real estate. Or a Rolls Royce. Love also requires patience—a lot of it—and forgiveness. Forgiveness?

Yes, forgiveness. You must be willing to forgive those who hurt you. This might not be easy but it is an act which must be done. Because its other alternative is animosity. And this—like acid—corrodes. And this is not good for your mental health. So, forgive.

Now for my story. I loved a girl. And I told her this whenever I hadrepparttar 136474 chance. I whispered it into her ears. I wrote her verses. I even sent them to her as text. I thought things were moving well. But I was love struck wrong. For my much sort after damsel,repparttar 136475 “girl of my dreams” whom I had wooed for many months, was snapped up by a guy she had barely known for a week. And to make it worse, he was a friend.

The Undeniable Power of a Mastermind Group

Written by Murray Hughes

A Mastermind is a group of individuals who are joined in purpose. All bringing their collective talents and experiences torepparttar achievement of a common goal.

When people join together in a combined effort an extraordinary thing happens. A new mind is formed. It is notrepparttar 136304 mind of one ofrepparttar 136305 team members, it is a mind that exists only as a result of all members coming together, an additional mind, a group mind...

A Mastermind.

The Mastermind is greater thanrepparttar 136306 sum ofrepparttar 136307 minds ofrepparttar 136308 individuals inrepparttar 136309 group and from its efforts great things can be accomplished. Each member contributing torepparttar 136310 Mastermind can receive benefit far greater than could otherwise be generated fromrepparttar 136311 same efforts if working by themselves.

Nearly every great achievement or massive fortune in history has beenrepparttar 136312 product of a team of minds united in achievingrepparttar 136313 same goal. The American Declaration of Independence wasrepparttar 136314 result of a Mastermind, so was man's first powered flight andrepparttar 136315 first man into space and eventually torepparttar 136316 moon.

Spend time onrepparttar 136317 Internet and you will begin to notice that many ofrepparttar 136318 very successful marketers work in a group of 2 more and many ofrepparttar 136319 most successful products arerepparttar 136320 fruit of a mastermind group. This is becoming such a universal idea (first made popular by Napoleon Hill) that occasionally you will read an invitation to partake in a marketing group or program worded as an invitation to join a mastermind group.

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