Yes, You Can Say No

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

It is perfectly OK to say, "No." You have permission. Many people do not like to disappoint others by saying, "No." They will tend to acquiesce even when overloaded. Sometimes those withrepparttar need to please will agree to do something when it is not in their best interest just to be accommodating. Saying yes when we want or need to say no is a way to put others first. Indeed we don't want to hurt others' feelings, however we hurt our own when we overload ourselves and say yes to tasks that we don't want to or don't have time to do.

Saying "No" to things you do not want to do is a form of self-care. By saying "No" torepparttar 101949 things that you do not want to do makes time forrepparttar 101950 things that you do want to do. Every time we say yes, we are saying no to something else. If we say yes to things we do not want to do, we are actually saying no to things that we do want to do. By saying yes to things we don't want to do we fill our lives with tasks that do not serve us, drain our energy, and are not supporting us in creating our best lives.


Written by David Stoddard

I've donerepparttar goal setting things inrepparttar 101948 past. I heard ofrepparttar 101949 studies where onlyrepparttar 101950 successful 3% have goals written down. I had ideas of what I wanted to accomplish. But for differing reasons, I didn't always reach them as often as I would have liked. Some were just ideas which stayed ideas. Others I worked at didn't turn out as planned. So I wondered why.

>From what I came up with, some were due to things I was or wasn't doing. Not happy with that as an answer, I looked around for other possibilities. And I came up with my own list of what goals have in common. Characteristics if you will.

A goal must be…

ACHIEVABLE: Just because we may not have done something doesn't make it impossible for us. Odds are, someone, somewhere, at some point in time, has done what we would like to do. That by itself, makes it possible. And, like runningrepparttar 101951 4-minute mile, what seemed impossible before, is now achievable.

BELIEVABLE: Can we do it? Can we learn how to do what it takes? Do we haverepparttar 101952 time? Can we findrepparttar 101953 time? Do we haverepparttar 101954 self-discipline it will take to keep going to achieve it? Have we made any steps toward it? Have we reached any other goals in our lifetime no matter how small they seem now? As long as we can answer yes to some of those questions, and our goal is within reason, it can happen for us.

DESIRABLE: Whatever we set as a goal, it must have meaning to us. We should have our own set of reasons as to why attaining this goal is important. By knowing why we want to attain something is a powerful force behind our getting it. Things will happen to derail us, but keeping focused on why we do what we do, will help considerably on those days when things seem to be against us.

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