Yes, You CAN Write Articles!!

Written by Terri Seymour

Writing articles is by far one ofrepparttar most effective ways of promoting your business or website. Ezine publishers are always looking for good content for their ezines. You, as a writer provide that content and atrepparttar 129767 same time you build a reputation as an expert in your field. You also gain credibility for your business.

The first article is indeedrepparttar 129768 hardest. Once you get started they will come much easier. The first thing you want to do is get ideas for your article. If you have a marketing business, you might want to write about getting customers or effective marketing tactics. Once you start thinking you will get many ideas.

As each idea comes to you, write it down in your article notebook or put it on a floppy. After you have several ideas written down, decide which one you wantto write about first. When you have made your choice, write a title down that captures that idea. Example: If you are writing about gardening, your title could be "Growing Plants, Not WEEDS!"

Once you get your title down, there are a couple of different ways to form your article.

1. Outline Method- In this method, you can write down allrepparttar 129769 main points you want to include in your article. Then all you have to do is elaborate on each point with some good information. If applicable, include some useful links to provide more resources.

2. Lecture Method-This isrepparttar 129770 method which works best for me. In this method, I just think aboutrepparttar 129771 title for a couple of minutes, and what information I want to include. I then just start talking as if I was telling somebody all aboutrepparttar 129772 subject. I just type out as I am talking and in a few minutes an article is born!!

Writing For The Web: More Places To Get Ideas

Written by Richard Lowe

There are many places all overrepparttar place to get article ideas. Part 1 of this series explored some ofrepparttar 129765 locations onrepparttar 129766 internet. This part goes into some ofrepparttar 129767 places you can find ideas outside ofrepparttar 129768 web.

Libraries - Believe it or not, libraries still exist and are going string. In fact, there are dozens of libraries in just about every major cities, and most towns have at least one. Evenrepparttar 129769 town where I grew up, Lake Arrowhead, California, had a small public library.

Libraries are great places to get ideas for articles. I like to just visit and wander up and downrepparttar 129770 isles, looking at titles, occasionally opening a book and flipping throughrepparttar 129771 pages. It's rare that I don't walk away with at least one or two ideas which turn directly into articles.

Botanical Gardens - A few miles from my house is one ofrepparttar 129772 best places onrepparttar 129773 planet -repparttar 129774 Huntington Library. This is an awesome collection of art museums and displays which is not equaled anywhere inrepparttar 129775 world (at least in my humble opinion). One ofrepparttar 129776 things that makes this magical place even more enjoyable isrepparttar 129777 surrounding botanical gardens.

The library gardens are divided up into different habitats, duplicating most ofrepparttar 129778 major environments ofrepparttar 129779 planet. I've spent many enjoyable hours wandering throughrepparttar 129780 place, just looking atrepparttar 129781 plants and environments, getting dozens and dozens of article ideas.

Something aboutrepparttar 129782 gardens relaxes my mind and causesrepparttar 129783 thinking process to become calmer and more organized. Ideas just seem to float up torepparttar 129784 surface, waiting for me to just pluck them up and convert them into articles.

Museums - Of course, museums are excellent places to get article ideas. I haverepparttar 129785 pleasure of living just a few miles from a number of excellent museums including La Brea tar pits (dinosaur and extinct animal articles),repparttar 129786 Air And Space Museum (obvious), Museum of Science and Industry (technology articles),repparttar 129787 Natural History Museum (thousands of article ideas just waiting to be found) and art museums galore.

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